'Earth At Night In Color' Trailer: Apple TV+ Brings You Some Nocturnal Animals

With Earth At Night In Color, narrator Tom Hiddleston guides viewers through a 12-part series that "uses cutting-edge camera technology to capture animals' nocturnal lives, revealing new behaviors filmed in full color like never before." It's kind of like Planet Earth After Dark, if you will. It's part of a series of documentary series that Apple TV+ is releasing in the next two months. Watch the Earth At Night In Color trailer below.

Earth At Night In Color Trailer

If you've ever wanted to hear Tom Hiddleston's aristocratic voice narrating the actions of some wild animals at night, you are in luck. Apple TV+ has such a thing, and it's called Earth At Night In Color. The footage follows several animals from around the world going about their nocturnal habits, and this isn't blurry, green-tinted night-vision footage. Oh no, friends. This is crystal clear stuff. Here are some more details:

Using cutting-edge cameras and a revolutionary editing process, "Earth At Night In Color" presents nature's previously unseen marvels with striking new clarity. Captured across six continents, from the Arctic Circle to the African grasslands, this pioneering work follows the moonlit lives of animals at night, revealing new insights and never-before-seen behaviors into some of our favorite species' nocturnal habits. The show will also introduce relatively unknown creatures who are sure to become new icons of the animal kingdom.

This is indeed a neat hook for a series, and the footage on display in the trailer is quite stunning. Will this end up being as buzzed-about as, say, Planet Earth? No, i don't think so – Apple TV+ originals just don't seem to generate that type of hype. But those searching for a new nature docuseries to embrace might find something worthwhile here.

Earth At Night In Color is part of a group of new Apple TV+ docuseries. The list includes the already-released Tiny World, narrated by Paul Rudd, which offers "a unique perspective on the natural world, exploring the ingenuity and resilience of the smallest animals on the planet," and Becoming You, narrated by Oliva Colman, described as " global child development series that explores how the first 2,000 days on Earth shape the rest of our lives." There's also Long Way Up, the docuseries about the road trip adventures of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.Earth At Night In Color will premiere its first six episodes globally on Apple TV+ on December 4. The remaining six episodes will arrive sometime in 2021.