Hear An Exclusive From The 'Ammonite' Soundtrack

Ammonite hits select theaters this week, and in honor of the new period romance drama, we're debuting an exclusive from the soundtrack. The score comes from composers Dustin O'Halloran and Volker Bertelmann, who also handled the music for the 2016 film Lion. Milan Records will release the Ammonite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Friday, November 13. Hear the exclusive track below.

Ammonite Soundtrack

In AmmoniteFrancis Lee directs Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan in a drama set in the 1840s. Winslet plays "self-taught paleontologist Mary Anning, who works alone on the wild and brutal Southern English coastline of Lyme Regis in the 1840s. The days of her famed discoveries behind her, she now hunts for common fossils to sell to rich tourists to support herself and her ailing widowed mother. When one such tourist, Roderick Murchison, arrives in Lyme on the first leg of a European tour, he entrusts Mary with the care of his young wife Charlotte (Ronan), who is recuperating from a personal tragedy. Mary, whose life is a daily struggle on the poverty line, cannot afford to turn him down but, proud and relentlessly passionate about her work, she clashes with her unwanted guest. They are two women from utterly different worlds. Yet despite the chasm between their social spheres and personalities, Mary and Charlotte discover they can each offer what the other has been searching for: the realization that they are not alone. It is the beginning of a passionate and all-consuming love affair that will defy all social bounds and alter the course of both lives irrevocably."

The music for Ammonite comes from Dustin O'Halloran and Volker Bertelmann, who worked together on Lion. Regarding their Ammonite score, the duo released the following statement (which you can pretend they said aloud in unison if you want):

"Writing music for Ammonite was a smooth and natural process. We already knew from director Francis Lee's previous work this would be a score full of emotion and restraint. Because the film is a period piece, it also meant finding a tone and instrumentation that would work in this world. The overall length of music recorded is somewhat shorter than our other scores; therefore, we used many natural sounds, so when the pieces arrive, it feels meaningful. We decided for a small chamber group of strings and piano as our palette and worked from there. Francis's original idea was to find a single piece of music playing in parts and come to a full suite at the end. In some ways, this was how we approached it, save for a few moments of score specific to the scene. We found the strong acting that both Kate and Saoirse brought meant we needed to offer space, and try not to overstep. The last piece of music in the film, during the museum scene, represented a full understanding of the emotions that played out between the two characters."

Ammonite opens in theaters this Friday, November 13. After that, you can look for Ammonite on VOD starting December 4.