Borat Has A Voting Message For Women As Sacha Baron Cohen Explains The 'Borat 2' Stunt That Nearly Went Wrong

It's Election Day in the United States, and even though it's meant to be the day where we do our civic duty and vote for the leaders who will represent us in government, it's somehow still not a national holiday. Thankfully, it sounds like this will be a record year for voter turnout, the biggest in a long time, but Borat Sagdiyev has a special message for the ladies before they go out to the polls today.

And the Borat shenanigans don't stop there, because Sacha Baron Cohen is still making the publicity rounds for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, which is only in its second week of release on Amazon Prime (even though it feels like it's been a month). During a recent interview, Cohen explained how the stunt where he's dressed as Donald Trump during Vice President Mike Pence's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) earlier this year almost went wrong.

Watch the Borat voting video and learn some more behind-the-scenes details about Borat 2 below.

Borat 2 Stunt Almost Went Wrong

First up, Sacha Baron Cohen appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and hyped up the Borat sequel to her audience. Since some of Ellen's target audience probably isn't aware of the inappropriate antics of Borat, Ellen has Cohen explain exactly what it is he does as the fictional reporter from Kazakhstan.

Then Cohen goes into detail about how the gag involving him as Borat in disguise as Donald Trump nearly went wrong. After spending hours in make-up and getting into a fat suit, it was almost all foiled by security. Cohen explained:

"We had a prosthetics team transform me into Donald Trump. Then I put on a fat suit, kind of a 55-inch fat suit because that's what the prosthetics teams said equated his size perfectly. Then, I got into a different disguise. I did Trump's hair differently. I got past CPAC security, got past TSA, and actually the TSA was wand-ing me and they basically it went past my chest and it beeped. I was terrified, obviously, the moment they touch my body — it's a fat suit, so I wouldn't have been allowed in. They said, 'What is that, sir? Why is it beeping?' And I go, 'It's a pacemaker.'"

That worked well enough, but then as the wand-ing continued, the device went off a second time near his belly. Cohen recalled, "And I didn't know what to say, and he said, 'Well, hold on, it's the wire to the pacemaker, yeah?' And I go, 'Yeah, yeah, of course,' and he let me in."

I can't imagine how nervous and tense Cohen is feeling at every moment when he has to work through these scenarios in real time. Not only does he have to make sure he stays in character, but he also has to be quick on his feet in case something goes wrong like this. Then he also has to be aware of his surroundings when he's trying to pull off a stunt that puts him in the middle of people who might want to hurt him, something that happened plenty of times during the shooting of this latest movie.

But no matter how much certain people hate him, Cohen is still putting himself out there as Borat for the election.

Borat Urges Women Not to Vote So Trump Doesn't Lose

As we pointed out, it's Election Day, and in a last ditch effort to make sure Donald Trump doesn't lose the election, Borat himself reached out to women voters to tell them not to vote. The fake reporter says, "Like moths to a fire, you ladies are attracted by dangerous ideas like honesty, fairness, and consent."

Borat continues by telling women not to believe the Democrat lies about how Trump doesn't like women, adding, "He really like them. 26 accusers cannot all be lying." This of course is a reference to the 26 women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment and misconduct, which would normally be enough to take down any politician. But Donald Trump is such a scumbag that he just breezes through these accusations and all kinds of transgressions.

If you haven't already, please get out there and vote so we can end this insanity. Enough is enough.