Netflix Heist Movie 'Red Notice' Wraps Filming, Releases New Photos

Like most Hollywood productions, the Netflix action heist comedy Red Notice temporarily shut down back in March when the pandemic began to present itself as the global threat we now know it to be. Producer and star Dwayne Johnson announced in a March 14 Instagram post that the film would be pulling the plug for at least two weeks, and included the following phrase in his seemingly inspirational caption: "Our country will do its job, as the rest of the world will do theirs." Oh, how young and naive we all were then.

But we finally have some much-needed good news: Red Notice, which resumed production under strict safety protocols in early September, has finally finished shooting – and there are some new photos from the movie, too. Check out the photos, which feature Johnson and co-stars Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in action.

Red Notice Photos

What happens when Wonder Woman and Deadpool team up with The Rock? You get Red Notice, a globe-trotting action comedy heist thriller. The actual plot details for the film are still pretty slim, but from these photos, it seems like a rollicking, Indiana Jones or National Treasure-type adventure movie set in and around museums and priceless works of art. Earlier reports have suggested that Johnson is playing an Interpol agent trying to hunt down the most wanted art thief in the world (Gadot), with Reynolds factoring in as the world's greatest con man.

The plan is for Red Notice to launch a new film franchise for Netflix, and the streaming service is shelling out some serious cash to try to make that happen. Last we heard, the budget was said to be somewhere in the $130 million range, with a hefty $20 million going to Johnson – the first time he's been paid that much for a film role in his career – and another $20 million reportedly being paid to Gadot. Whereas actors can typically negotiate for back-end percentages for theatrical releases and make huge paydays if a film is financially successful, Netflix pays big sums up front to try to lure talent to their streaming playground. Mission accomplished.

Red Notice was originally going to hit theaters via Universal on November 13, 2020, but it was sold to Netflix and no longer has a firm release date in place. It's written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who directed Dodgeball and previously worked with Johnson on Central Intelligence and Skyscraper.