Movie Theaters Closing Again In The UK For National Lockdown, But Film & TV Production Will Continue

The United States is still dealing with a significant rise in coronavirus cases across the country, but we're not the only ones struggling right now. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has issued a second national lockdown beginning on November 5 due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases across the nation. All bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses will be closed until December 2, and that includes movie theaters. But film and TV production will not shut down again.

Variety has news on UK movie theaters closing for a second time in the wake of the concerning rise in coronavirus cases across the country. Johnson refers to this as a reaction to the second wave of the pandemic, though here in the United States, I'm not sure the first wave ever truly ended since our government's reaction was an absolute clustercuss. It appears Johnson may have actually learned something after getting coronavirus himself, unlike the increasingly incompetent President of the United States, who has only become more emboldened to downplay the severity of the pandemic after contracting it.

Though movie theaters will be closing for a month, film and television production will not shut down as it did back in the spring and through the summer. Productions will continue to have strict COVID-19 guidelines in place to avoid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Though there have been several cases of production members contracting the virus, they have been dealt with in a smart and safe way to avoid making the situation worse.

In his statement to the country, Boris Johnson said:

"We've got to be humble in the face of nature. Christmas is going to be different this year, perhaps very different, but it's my sincere hope and belief, by taking tough action now we can allow families across the country to be together. As we come together now to fight the second wave, I want to say something about the way ahead, because people will reasonably ask, 'When will this end?' And as I've said before, I am optimistic that this will feel very different and better by the spring."

Though Boris Johnson has been labeled as the United Kingdom's version of Donald Trump, complete with the awful haircut, you have to give him credit for realizing this situation is dire and they can't just sit back and let the virus wreak havoc on the country. The government sees that the threat of the pandemic still looms large, so they're shutting down non-essential businesses for a month in order to help squash it. Meanwhile, our president is proud of bringing back football and has infected thousands by hosting campaign rallies that are not socially distanced or require masks. Neat!

It's truly a shame the United States government is being controlled by a senseless gang of unnecessarily defiant and dimwitted morons who continue to bolster a dangerously stupid president and all the supporters who view the coronavirus pandemic as either a conspiracy theory or something that they don't need to worry about. Meanwhile, there are 220,000 Americans who would like to say something about that if they weren't dead from the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Germany, Italy, and Malaysia are also following suit by shutting down entertainment venues again. Movie theaters had been reopened in those countries since later in the summer, but as those countries are also dealing with a second wave of the coronavirus, they've acted swiftly in an attempt to stop the spread. It must be nice to live in a country where leaders are trying to keep as many citizens as possible from dying.