'Hell House LLC' Director's Cut Will Stream On Amazon Prime

Hell House LLC, a low-budget but highly-effective found-footage horror flick, is about to drop a director's cut just in time for Halloween. The Hell House LLC Director's Cut will make its debut exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on October 30, bringing new footage as well as deleted scenes, a new director intro, outtakes, cast auditions, location scouting, and more. It sounds like a fun little treat for fans of the franchise.

Hell House LLC Director's Cut

The first Hell House LLC is a lot of fun. While it's an obviously low-budgeted affair, writer-director Stephen Cognetti managed to exploit the premise for all it was worth and concoct some genuinely creepy moments (the same can't be said for the two sequels that followed, which are, well...bad). In Hell House LLC, a group of friends opens up a Halloween haunt in the abandoned Abaddon Hotel in upstate New York. On the night that the haunt opened its doors, something went terribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of 15 people. After this setup, Hell House LLC jumps back in time to show us footage recorded by the friends running the attraction, revealing what really happened inside those walls. What did really happen? I'll tell you: spooky stuff! Best of all, a lot of that spooky stuff unfolds in a subtle manner, mostly with creepy things lurking in the corner of a frame, or the occasional appearance of a scary clown doll. It's proof that you can still manufacture scares with little-to-no budget.

And now here comes the director's cut! This special edition of the film will stream on Amazon tomorrow, October 30. Here's what you can expect:

Hell House LLC has become one of the most popular found footage horror films in the last decade, spawning 2 sequels – revered by both horror critics and fans alike. Now, for the first time on digital platforms, creator Stephen Cognetti presents his Director's Cut. This special edition includes new footage in the infamous basement, 8 additional minutes of footage plus a Director Intro, Deleted Scenes, Cast Auditions, a Location Scout of The Abaddon Hotel and Outtakes.

Will those eight extra minutes make the movie even better? We'll see! I will say that I think Hell House LLC works damn fine as-is, but I'm more than happy to check out whatever this additional footage entails. Just as long as it's not as disappointing as Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel or Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire.

In addition to the trailer above you can also check out a poster for the Hell House LLC director's cut below.