'Unsolved Mysteries' Podcast Will Creep You Out In 2021

Craving even more Unsolved Mysteries? The Netflix revival just returned with new episodes, but if that's still not enough, here's good news: there's an Unsolved Mysteries podcast on the way. The weekly podcast, which comes from the company behind the hit series, will feature new "unsolved cases and take a deep dive into a specific story." And yes, that iconic, terrifying Unsolved Mysteries theme music will be played at the start of the episodes.

Deadline has the scoop on the Unsolved Mysteries podcast, which will launch in early 2021. The podcast is a continuation of the series, which has recently enjoyed a buzz-worthy Netflix revival. Here are some details:

Each week, an episode will present all new unsolved cases and take a deep dive into a specific story. The series will feature the original theme music, a narrator and interviews with individuals involved in the cases as well as a call out for more information.

The narrator part is a given – it has to have some sort of narrator if it's a podcast. Still, I'm curious as to who they'll draft into that role. The Netflix series does not have a narrator/host, and before the show premiered, the producers said they went hostless because they felt no one could replace Robert Stack, the iconic host of the original series (although it's worth noting that after Stack's death he was replaced, with actor Dennis Farina).

The original Unsolved Mysteries ran between 1987 and 2010 and became quite popular, especially with people my age who, as kids, would gather in front of the TV to watch the show and get the crap scared out of us. The series would explore murders, disappearances, UFOs, and – my personal favorite topic – ghosts. The ghost episodes were always wonderfully creepy. Sure, some of the re-enactments, featuring glow-in-the-dark ghouls and disembodied heads, were very low budget, but that was part of the charm.

The Netflix revival is a bit slicker, a bit more polished. But it's also fairly engaging, although I really wish they'd throw in more ghost episodes – the latest batch of eps features one paranormal story and, honestly, it's not very good. Here's hoping for something better in the future. The true crime-angle of Unsolved Mysteries makes it perfect fodder for a podcast right now, and while it won't be the same experience without those visual re-enactments, I'm very interested in checking this out.

Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, the company behind the TV series, closed the deal for the podcast with Cadence13. "Cosgrove/Meurer Productions is thrilled to be partnering with Cadence13 to present all-new unsolved mysteries to podcast listeners," said Terry Dunn Meurer, co-creator and executive producer of Unsolved Mysteries. "There are an incredible number of cases that we hope to solve through the podcast."