First Look At Lionsgate's 'John Wick' And 'Now You See Me' Roller Coasters, Ride Details Revealed

Last year, Lionsgate scrapped its plans to build an indoor theme park called Lionsgate Entertainment City in New York City. But the company hasn't gotten out of the theme park industry altogether – it's just ramped up its efforts overseas.

A new report today brings us some details and the first concept art for a Now You See Me ride and a John Wick roller coaster at a theme park called Motiongate in Dubai, where Lionsgate already has a Hunger Games-themed attraction up and running. Get your first look at John Wick: Open Contract and Now You See Me: High Roller below.

Now You See Me Roller Coaster Concept Art

According to Variety, who first shared these images, the High Roller attraction is set in a casino location – the perfect environment for a heist orchestrated by the Four Horsemen, the band of magic-using thieves from the movies. Jenefer Brown, the executive vice president and head of global live, interactive, and location-based entertainment at Lionsgate, explained that guests "will have the experience of walking through the casino and taking part in a heist that the Horsemen are in the midst of pulling off." And it sounds like all of that story will be doled out in the queue, before you even get on the coaster itself.

John Wick Roller Coaster Concept Art

John Wick roller coaster concept art 1

Meanwhile, the outlet reports that the John Wick roller coaster is different than the shooting ride based on John Wick: Chapter 2 that was initially planned for Lionsgate Entertainment City – it's a whole new thing. This ride, called Open Contract, "will offer riders a choice as they board: They can help John Wick — the assassin played by Keanu Reeves in the 2014 movie and its two (so far) sequels — or they can hunt him." Riders will get a different experience based on which queue they choose to enter, but everyone will be funneled through a scaled version of the lobby of The Continental, the international assassin hotel that serves as one of the settings in the film franchise.

"This attraction in particular is really about setting the story by putting people in this very immersive environment, and then you really get the action as you get on the coaster," Brown said. "It's 10 stories high, so there's definitely a level of intensity that's befitting of the John Wick franchise that guests will experience."

Both of these attractions are set to open to the public at Motiongate sometime in 2021.