'Star Trek' Shows Are Planned Out Through 2027, Alex Kurtzman Says

Alex Kurtzman, one of the architects and overseers of modern Star Trek, has a plan. He actually has several plans, all spinning at once like Earl Grey teacup saucers balancing on the ends of multiple sticks. Such is the case when you hold the future of a massive piece of intellectual property in the palm of your hand – but fans can rest easy, because Trek isn't going anywhere any time soon. In a new interview, Kurtzman says he has mapped things out for the CBS All Access TV shows all the way through 2027.

Speaking on The Hollywood Reporter's TV Top 5 podcast (via ComicBook.com), Kurtzman explained that he and his team have a plan for the Star Trek universe which lasts at least through the next seven years.

"Heather Kaden and Aaron Baiers, who work with me at [production company] Secret Hideout — we literally just got off a call with the network mapping out with us through 2027. Now when I say that, it's not like it's set in stone. It's just, 'Here's a plan. Here's what we're looking at. Here's how the different shows are going to drop.' Consider the fact that it takes a year from inception — from starting production — to airing, you have to plan way, way, way in advance to get these things done, and you have to stay on top of the zeitgeists and make sure that what you're doing is relevant. So you have to plan so far in advance now in different kinds of ways [like safety and budget] to seem loose and improvisational, but there's nothing loose and improvisational about it."

There has only been one lengthy, significant dark period in Star Trek franchise history, when no TV shows or movies were being created. That lasted from 2005-2009, after the conclusion of Star Trek: Enterprise to when J.J. Abrams' first movie gave the franchise a jolt in the arm and helped usher in a new generation of fans. But Trekkies – er, Trekkers – can take a deep breath, because there's no danger in the franchise running into another dark period any time soon. With a total of six shows either already on the air or announced, this is by far the busiest the Trek franchise has ever been and the busiest it's been since the early 1990s, when Deep Space Nine was ramping up, the Next Generation was on, and the original series crew movies were coming to an end.