'I'm Your Woman' Trailer: Rachel Brosnahan Is A Mom On The Run

Rachel Brosnahan is a mom on the run in I'm Your Woman. The new Amazon movie from Fast Color director Julia Hart has Brosnahan as a woman who hits the road with her young baby because of her husband's secret criminal life. The end result looks pretty damn slick, with Brosnahan's character slowly learning how to survive her new, unexpected life. Watch the I'm Your Woman trailer below.

I'm Your Woman Trailer

I thought Julia Hart's Fast Color was a fairly well-made film with some pacing problems. But one thing was clear as I watched: Hart was the real deal, and I couldn't wait to see what she did next. And now, here it is – I'm Your Woman, a new '70s-set thriller with a well-cut trailer. Here's the synopsis:

Set in America in the 1970s, I'm Your Woman revolves around Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) who must go on the run with her child due to her husband's crimes. Their lives become intertwined with a man (Arinzé Kene) and a woman (Marsha Stephanie Blake), forming an unlikely partnership that teaches them more than just how to survive

Bill Heck and Frankie Faison also star, with Hart co-writing with Jordan Horowitz. This is an all-around well-made trailer – it sells its premise without giving too much away. I'm intrigued! I'm Your Woman, like Fast Color, is another story of a woman on the run, and speaking with EW, Hart explained what keeps drawing her to this scenario:

"It's such a powerful metaphor for what it means to be a woman in the world. I just feel like we are constantly on the run, dodging misogyny and trying to push the glass ceiling up. So much of the world is against women or wants women to fail, or doesn't want us to succeed or come into our power. I often feel like we're constantly on the run and having to rescue ourselves, and give ourselves permission to come into our own powers since the world doesn't always seem to want us to."

The filmmaker also added: "One of the biggest inspirations for the film was the movie Thief. We actually thank Michael Mann, in the special thanks at the end of the movie, for that. There's a line in the movie where Tuesday Weld says, "I'm your woman and you're my man."

Look, I was already on board for this thing, but throwing out that Thief reference like that just sealed the deal. I'm Your Woman will open in select theaters on December 4 ahead of its global launch on Prime Video on December 11.