'John Bronco' Trailer: Walton Goggins Is The Greatest Pitchman Of All Time

Meet John Bronco, the man who gave the Ford Bronco its name. Okay, not really – but that's the premise of John Bronco, a new 39-minute movie headed to Hulu and starring Walton Goggins. Goggins plays the titular character, described as "the legendary pitchman for the Ford Bronco." In this faux documentary, the rise and fall (and disappearance) of John Bronco is explored, with amusing results. Watch the John Bronco trailer below.

John Bronco Trailer

Jake Szymanski, director of the mockumentary 7 Days in Hell is back with a new faux-doc – John Bronco, a short film (not quite 40 minutes, according to the press release) that stars Walton Goggins as the fictional pitchman for the Ford Bronco. Based on this trailer, it's all an excuse for Goggins to wear fake mustaches and dress up like a cowboy, and honestly, that's more than enough to make me want to watch this. More Goggins is always a good thing.

Here's the synopsis:

Some have said that if you were famous before the internet, you might as well never have existed. Such is the case for John Bronco, the greatest pitchman who ever lived. In 1966, Ford tapped him to race their new prototype SUV at the Baja 500 in Mexico. Not only did he win, but he gave a rousing speech that rallied a nation. Legend has it that Ford named the new car "Bronco" after John, made him the face of their campaign and skyrocketed him to stardom. His commercials were on every channel and his jingle went triple platinum. John launched his own cologne, breakfast cereal, video game, action figure, you name it. He was the very embodiment of the American dream, that is, until it all came crashing down.

This kind of looks like the (real) documentary Winnebego Man, but with Goggins standing in for pitchman Jack Rebney. In addition to Goggins, John Bronco features Tim Meadows, Tim Baltz, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bo Derek, and Dennis Quaid, who narrates the film.

"John Bronco is one of those mythic characters you almost can't believe is real, but thanks to the treasure trove of archival footage we found, you can see he definitely is," said director Jake Szymanski. "We finished this film right before the pandemic struck which meant, unfortunately, I was not able to direct it from home in my underwear. That is, however, how I'm giving this quote." 

"At Imagine, we love telling unbelievably true stories that entertain and inspire audiences. This one happens to be truly unbelievable," said Imagine's Marc Gilbar, the producer of John Bronco. "It's been an honor to shine a light on John Bronco's life and we hope to see his name mentioned among the other advertising greats like Mr. Whipple, the Maytag Repairman and Ernie the Keebler Elf."

Look for John Bronco on Hulu on October 15.