'Don't Breathe 2' Has Apparently Already Finished Filming

There hasn't been much talk about Don't Breathe 2, which is reportedly titled Don't Breathe Again, lately. But now it turns out that the film might already be finished filming? At the very least, star Stephen Lang has wrapped production on the sequel, which implies that if filming isn't done yet, it's damn near close. Rodo Sayagues directs the follow-up, which he co-wrote with Don't Breathe director Fede Álvarez.

Well, this is a surprise! Don't Breathe 2 was supposedly set to start shooting in April of this year but then word came that the shoot was delayed. But apparently, it wasn't delayed for very long, because star Stephen Lang just revealed on social media that he's wrapped filming. Since Lang is likely a major character again, this implies that filming on the sequel is all but done. Unless, of course, Lang has a very small part to play this time – but that doesn't seem likely.

Very little is known about Don't Breathe 2. We know that original director Fede Álvarez has handed directorial duties over to Rodo Sayagues. And we know that producer Sam Raimi is really excited about it, telling IGN: "It's only the greatest idea for a sequel I've ever heard. I'm not kidding." In that same interview, Álvarez added:

"The challenge obviously is we just don't want to do the same movie again and just have 2 in it. We'll feel so embarrassed if we do that. At first our reaction when they told us was no no no no no that's Hollywood, that's the devil pushing us to do something just because we can. And then we had an idea that we got really excited about, we won't tell you what it is, it'll spoil the whole thing."

Álvarez also said: "It's exciting to see a character you want to see more out of it. At least I do. I'd love to see the blind man on the screen do some other things. What's going to happen with him in his life?" This certainly indicates that Lang's blind man character plays a major part, which brings us back to the start of this story: filming is either completed or close to it.

The first Don't Breathe involved a group of young home invaders who think they've found an easy score, only to discover that the blind man they're robbing is very skilled at murdering people. It's a well-made film, although there's an icky twist that kind of sinks the entire endeavor, at least in my humble opinion. Still, I'm curious to see what the heck this sequel will be about in the end. Hopefully, we'll learn more soon.