'Mission: Impossible 7' Set Photo Teases Tom Cruise's Latest Death-Defying Stunt

Tom Cruise has hung out of ascending airplanes, jumped out of helicopters, and scaled the world's tallest building in the Mission: Impossible series, AKA the lone franchise that will let him spit in death's face and laugh. So what could he possibly do next? Well, Mission: Impossible 7 already teased a motorcycle stunt for the gods, but director Christopher McQuarrie and Cruise are going back to an old cinematic tradition for the next death-defying Mission: Impossible 7 stunt: a fight on top of a speeding train. And yes, both star and director are really on top of that train.

Mission Impossible 7 Stunt

In an Instagram post, McQuarrie teased the next crazy Mission: Impossible 7 stunt which Cruise will pull off: a classic fight on top of a speeding train. But the star and director are going old school, actually performing the stunts on top a train that is going pretty fast, according to footage shot by an excited passerby. McQuarrie's image on Instagram teased the fight sequence in the film, which will also apparently feature a flaming helicopter in the background. It won't be the first time Cruise has had a fight scene aboard a high-speed train — the first Mission: Impossible featured a sequence on top of a bullet train moving at 200 mph, which was more CG-reliant than this sequence probably will be.

In his post, he thanked "The Norwegian Film Incentive, The Norwegian Railway Museum, the infinitely patient Stranda and Rauma Municipalities, our endlessly enduring Norwegian crew, along with everyone who supported our filming here," as well as the people of Norway. McQuarrie confirmed that the shoot in Norway was complete and that the production will head to Rome next.

Mission: Impossible 7 brings back not just Cruise but also previous Mission players Ving RhamesHenry CzernySimon PeggRebecca Ferguson, and Vanessa Kirby. New additions include Hayley AtwellPom KlementieffShea Whigham, and Esai Morales. We don't really know what the plot of the film is just yet, but it's safe to assume it will involve Ethan Hunt and his team on yet another hair-raising mission. Who knows, the team might even be disavowed yet again – something that seems to happen often in this franchise.

Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the previous two films in the series, is back to direct, and will actually shoot Mission: Impossible 8 back-to-back with 7. Filming on M:I 7 was supposed to start in late February of this year, but the coronavirus complicated things. After some delays, McQuarrie and company are back to work. As of now, Mission: Impossible 7 is set to hit theaters November 19, 2021.