Cool Stuff: Sideshow's New 'Scream' Ghost Face Figure Will Slash The Rest Of Your Collectibles

It's October, which means it's time for all your favorite slashers to come slicing through your television. But if you've got some extra scratch lying around, and you need a high-end collectible to show your love for Halloween, Sideshow Collectibles has something that will gut the rest of your decorations like a fish.

The Scream slasher known as Ghost Face has been turned into a 1/6 scale collectible figure by Sideshow Collectibles. Featuring a tailored, tattered cloth costume, including the hood and belt, the masked Woodsboro killer is ready to turn your shelf into a crime scene. Get a closer look at the Sideshow Collectibles Scream Ghost Face figure below.

Sideshow Collectibles Scream Ghost Face Figure

Sideshow Collectibles Scream Ghost Face Figure

Recognizable for the haunting expression frozen on an elongated white mask, Ghost Face is an unmistakably iconic part of the Halloween season. The Ghost Face Sixth Scale Figure captures the silent menace of this masked villain, wearing a tailored fabric costume of tattered black reaper robes complete with a hood and belt. The figure also features sculpted gloves, shoes, and the mask portrait carefully sculpted to scare you with its fidelity to the frightening trademark design.

Send shivers down your spine as you stare into the eyes of the Ghost Face Sixth Scale Figure- bring home the horror today!

Sideshow Collectibles Scream Ghost Face Figure

The Sideshow Collectibles Scream Ghost Face figure comes with one pair of grip hands, one pair of fists, one pair of open hands, and one gesturing left hand. But those hands wouldn't be very deadly without a weapon, so he comes with both a clean knife and a bloody knife.

You can pre-order the figure right now for $210 and it's expected to arrive between February and April of 2021. If that's too expensive for you, maybe you'd like to snag NECA's more reasonably priced Scream action figure of Ghost Face.