Uber Eats Finally Brings Mark Hamill And Patrick Stewart Together (For A Confusing Commercial)

It feels slightly icky to be writing about an ad for Uber Eats, something that has absolutely nothing to do with movies and/or TV. But hey, this new Uber Eats ad also brings together the worlds of Star Wars and Star Trek, and that's the type of nerdery some people live for! So here we are, bringing you a video that shows Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill facing off and talking about what they plan on eating. It is, admittedly, kind of funny.

Uber Eats Commercial

Again: I feel slightly funny writing about this, but above you can watch Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart have a "showdown" about what delicious foodstuffs they'll be ordering from Uber Eats. My knee-jerk disdain aside, I will concede that hearing Patrick Stewart say "ta-mah-tows" in the most overdramatic way possible is, indeed, pretty funny.

Then, the two actors raise individual weapons to threaten each other, and, uh...the commercial just kind of ends. At one point, Mark Hammil says "I am my daddy," which I suppose is a very weak Empire Strikes Back joke. It also doesn't make much sense, which the commercial acknowledges by having the two actors grow suddenly very confused. Almost as confused as I was while watching this.

While it's definitely a big "get" to have both Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart in your commercial, I get the distinct impression that the ad folks kind of forgot to come up with an idea beyond bringing together these two giants of their respective sci-fi franchises. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a guy writing about Uber Eats commercials.

I suppose the overall goal here is for viewers to pick a side. Who would you want to win in bloody combat – Mark Hamill or Patrick Stewart? Personally, I think that's an impossible question to answer since both of the actors seem like genuinely nice guys and I wouldn't take any pleasure in seeing one smash the other's head in with a baseball bat. Maybe we'll get a sequel where these two put away their differences and enjoy their meal together. Or maybe things will get even more violent from here. Maybe in the next commercial, Patrick Stewart will have locked Mark Hamill in some sort of Saw-like contraption. Or Hamill will have buried Stewart alive in a fire ant nest. I'm just spitballing here, folks. Anyway, feel free to use Uber Eats to order some food. Or don't.