'Love And Monsters' Trailer: Can Young Love Survive In The Aftermath Of A Giant Monster Apocalypse?

Some of the most soul-crushing and formative experiences come from young romance. But imagine how much harder that kind of love would be in the wake of a giant monster apocalypse.

Love and Monsters is a new sci-fi romance that finds a young man named Joel (Dylan O'Brien) estranged from his high school girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick) after giant monsters appeared on Earth and forced what remained of humanity to hide underground. But when he reconnects with her on a radio, Joel decides to risk his life to track her down and rekindle their love. It's A Quiet Place mixed with teen romance, but with a lot more deadly creatures. Watch the Love and Monsters trailer below.

Love and Monsters Trailer

Honestly, I wasn't expecting this trailer to be that good. It has the same kind of vibe that Warm Bodies did, mixing romance with the zombie subgenre. Except instead of dealing with the undead, there's an endless array of huge monsters out there who will kill you at every turn. Some have giant, deadly tentacles, others look like massive bugs. Actually, they all look like variations on the kind of monsters we saw on Skull Island in Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong. But there are also seemingly harmless creatures too, such as giant jellyfish that light up the night sky.

As a bonus, we get Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy) as an expert survivalist in the world of monsters, as well as young Ariana Greenblatt (young Gamora from Avengers: Infinity War) as his daughter, or maybe just a kid he's picked up along the way. It's just a shame that the coronavirus pandemic has forced this movie to become a premium VOD release next month instead of hitting the big screen where it might have actually made a splash.

Love and Monsters is directed by Michael Matthews (Five Fingers For Marseilles), written by Brian Duffield (Insurgent) and Matthew Robinson (Dora and the Lost City of Gold) and produced by Shawn Levy & Dan Cohen (Arrival, Stranger Things).

Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson (Dylan O'Brien), along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick), who is now 80 miles away at a coastal colony, Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there's nothing left for him underground, he decides against all logic to venture out to Aimee, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way.

Love and Monsters arrives on premium VOD starting on October 16, 2020.