'Happy Death Day 3' Still Isn't Happening (Yet), But Here's What It Might Be About

We, the people, demand another Happy Death Day movie. Unfortunately, the fate of Happy Death Day 3 remains in doubt. While both Death Day movies have a vocal fanbase, Happy Death Day 2U didn't exactly clean up at the box office. As a result, Blumhouse has yet to greenlight a third film – but director Christopher Landon hasn't given up hope just yet. In a recent interview, the filmmaker offered some details about the movie, as well as a potential title.

I love the Happy Death Day movies, especially Happy Death Day 2U, which expands on what made the first film so fun and makes it even more enjoyable. And while Happy Death Day 2U sets up a third film, such a project remains in limbo. Director Christopher Landon is still firmly entrenched in the Blumhouse machine, having made the body-swap horror film Freaky for the studio. And while Blumhouse has yet to give Happy Death Day 3 a greenlight, Landon is holding out hope.

"It's definitely off to the side at the moment. I wish it wasn't, and I know that [Jason Blum, producer] is passionate about it, I know I'm very passionate about it, and I know that Jessica Rothe is really eager to do it as well," Landon told Empire. "I wrote the idea for the third movie some time ago. I think we're all excited by it, because it's different than the other two films, and so we're really just crossing our fingers and hoping that our fanbase continues to grow – which is something that I've really enjoyed watching over the years, seeing more and more people discover both films. So who knows. There might be a time when it makes sense, and hopefully it's sooner rather than later."

In the Happy Death Day movies, Jessica Rothe stars as Theresa "Tree" Gelbman, a college student who finds herself caught in a Groundhog Day-like time-loop. That would be bad enough on its own, but there's a serial killer trying to bump her off in the time-loop as well. The second film took things up a notch by introducing alternate dimensions and all sorts of other wacky stuff. It ruled.

Landon went on to offer some details into the third film, saying: "The idea for the third film is not set in the same day, if that's a big spoiler. So it can happen later. We're not up against a really difficult clock right now. The other movies were hard, because they were set in the exact same day, so everybody had to look the same, be the same. The pressure is off there."

He also gave the potential title: "It does not have the '3' in there! But it's called Happy Death Day To Us. That is the working title." Look, that title is fine, but why not call it Happy Death Day, Tree. The main character is named Tree and Tree sounds like 3! Don't make me do all the work here, people.