Cool Stuff: 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker' Breakout Character Babu Frik Is Now A Plush Toy

Though a lot of fans walked away disappointed in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, pretty much everyone can agree that one of the best parts of the movie was the new alien droidsmith called Babu Frik. However, despite being a breakout favorite from the movie and having his life in the Star Wars universe saved by Steven Spielberg in post-production, the little guy hasn't seen much merchandise commemorating his role in defeating the First Order once and for all. But that's about to change.

Lucasfilm and Mattel are releasing a plush toy of Babu Frik that Target will exclusively be shipping out and stocking on shelves. It's good new for anyone who has droids that need to be reprogrammed to read any Sith daggers there are lying around. Get a look at the Babu Frik plush toy below.

Star Wars Babu Frik Plush Toy

Though this is a plush toy, you'll notice that the head of the character is not made of soft material. Alexander Lathrop, senior product designer at Mattel, explained  why they made that decision to

We definitely thought about a soft face at first. But his face has so much character, and it just made sense to try and capture that as accurately as possible. There is so much subtle detail in his face that would possibly be lost if we tried to do a soft face that we eventually opted to go this route as the proper way to represent Babu.

Unfortunately, that means that this Babu Frik plush toy doesn't have the signature eyebrows and whiskers that make him look like a tiny alien wizard. Plus, even though this is clearly a toy intended for kids, it's kind of annoying that they couldn't even give him the proper color scheme from the movie. Why does his headpiece have to be bright orange? Was Mattel worried he was going to get shot by hunters?

Anyway, you can pre-order the Babu Frik plush toy over at for $24.99, and it ships in October.