'Saint Maud' Trailer: A24's New Horror Movie Is Still Set To Open This Year, Maybe

Sooner or later, A24 will release Saint Maud here in the states. I'm genuinely surprised they haven't gone the VOD route with this one yet, as it's a relatively small movie that would play great at home. But while we here in America wait to see what A24 is going to do, those in the UK will be able to check the film out when it arrives in October. Ahead of that release, here's a new trailer.

Saunt Maud Trailer 

It's hard for me to believe, but I saw Saint Maud almost a full year ago, at Fantastic Fest. I loved it, while also realizing that it was the exact type of slow-burn A24 horror film that tends to infuriate people (see: It Comes at Night, and pretty much every other horror movie that bears the A24 logo). In a piece on the film, I wrote:

It's not terrifying in the traditional sense. The scares here are not the type that inspire A+ CinemaScores. Instead, with her remarkably assured feature debut, writer-director Rose Glass has crafted a story where darkness is closing in – inescapable darkness disguised as light...

Casual audiences will likely continue to reject A24 horror. The hype surrounding The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers' follow-up to The Witch, is already at a fever-pitch. But people have no idea how weird and impenetrable the movie is – and I think they're going to be caught off-guard when they finally get to see it. And the same will happen with Saint Maud. "Where were the jump scares?" some will ask as they leave the theater. "Where was...the horror?"

It was there, in front of your face. Up on the screen, larger than life. It's waiting for you in the cold, godless darkness of the movie theater. And you won't be able to escape it, no matter how hard you try.

Saint Maud "follows a devout live-in nurse, Maud, who becomes enraptured with her new patient, the glamorous ex-dancer Amanda. Maud's fixation soon mutates into an obsessive mission to save Amanda's soul." There's more going on here, but I won't give it away.Saint Maud was originally supposed to open here in the United States in April. Then, the date got shifted to July. And then it got pulled entirely, and A24 has yet to announce a new release date. Across the pond, however, StudioCanal UK is set to release the film on October 9. Fingers crossed that we learn the new U.S. date soon.