'Mission: Impossible 7' Behind-The-Scenes Image Teases Tom Cruise's Latest Attempt To Cheat Death

After a delay caused by the coronavirus, Mission: Impossible 7 is finally filming – and in true Mission: Impossible fashion, Tom Cruise's life is already in danger. Director Christopher McQuarrie shared a behind-the-scenes image that appears to show Cruise standing on a ramp planted precariously on the side of a cliff. Set footage reveals that Cruise's character Ethan Hunt is riding a motorcycle off that ramp, parachuting down from there.

Oh Tommy Cruise, what have you gotten yourself into this time? This set pic is from the Helsetkopen mountain, near Hellesylt in Norway, where a ramp was built to launch Cruise into the air. There are videos capturing the stunt all over the net, and you can find one here, from Good Morning America. A camera on a helicopter follows Cruise as he rides his bike up the ramp and then deploys a parachute. The footage (and the set pic) are distant enough that I suppose we could say that it's not Cruise, it's his stuntman. But let's get real here – is Tommy Cruise really going to let another terrifying, death-tempting stunt be handled by his stuntman when he can just do it himself?

Reports indicate that Cruise performed this stunt at least four times during filming, because why risk your life once when you can do it over and over again? For fun?

Mission: Impossible 7 brings back not just Cruise but also previous Mission players Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Vanessa Kirby. New additions include Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Shea Whigham, and Esai Morales. We don't really know what the plot of the film is just yet, but it's safe to assume it will involve Ethan Hunt and his team on yet another hair-raising mission. Who knows, the team might even be disavowed yet again – something that seems to happen often in this franchise.

Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the previous two films in the series, is back to direct, and will actually shoot Mission: Impossible 8 back-to-back with 7. Filming on M:I 7 was supposed to start in late February of this year, but the coronavirus complicated things. After some delays, McQuarrie and company are back to work in Norway. As of now, Mission: Impossible 7 is set to hit theaters November 19, 2021.