'Wireless' Trailer: Tye Sheridan Is Caught In A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure On Quibi

Quibi has had a rough time since its launch. People were treating it like a laughing-stock from the jump, and the less-than-great programming didn't exactly inspire much confidence. So people may already be ready to give up on new shows – like Wireless, a new Quibi series that comes from executive producer Steven Soderbergh. Say what you will about what Quibi has offered so far, but this show – which gives users a choose-your-own-adventure approach to the storytelling – at least gets points for doing something clever with Quibi's "Turnstyle" technology.

Wireless Trailer

In Wireless, "On a sparsely traveled road deep in the Colorado mountains, college student Andy Braddock (Tye Sheridan) drives to a New Year's Eve party to try to rekindle a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.  Distracted by his phone, Andy collides with a snowbank and hurtles into a ravine. Wounded and alone, Andy turns to his quickly dying cell for rescue, but help is far from a phone call away..."

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, here's the twist: "Two narratives play out simultaneously: watch horizontally for a cinematic view; twist vertically to experience Andy's phone as your own, as he fights to stay alive."

You see, Quibi has this tech called Turnstyle, which the short-form streaming service describes as "an engineering breakthrough in video streaming and user experience, allowing the viewer to move seamlessly between full-screen portrait and full-screen landscape at will." The thing is, Quibi hasn't really taken advantage of this tech in terms of the content they're streaming, until now. So while Wireless may end up being a disappointment, I have to give the show credit for at least trying to make use of this tech for its narrative. I can't help but think that if Quibi had taken a similar approach with all of the shows they had at launch more people would be checking the service out. It would be something that would help Quibi stand out more from the rest of the streaming services.

In addition to Tye Sheridan, Wireless features Lukas Gage, Francesca Reale, Mace Coronel, Sydney Park, Andie MacDowell, and Eric Dane. The show was created by Zach Wechter and Jack Seidman, who also serve as writers. Zach Wechter directs. Wireless premieres on Quibi on September 14, 2020.