'Tehran' Trailer: AppleTV+ Initiates Its Own Espionage Thriller

While Netflix continues to lead in the streaming wars thanks to its constant global expansion, a comparatively newer streaming service is pushing for some more global appeal of its own. AppleTV+ has unveiled a new trailer for Tehran, an espionage thriller which has shades of Steven Spielberg's Munich and follows an undercover Israeli agent whose mission to dismantle Iran's nuclear reactor goes bad. Check out the trailer below.

Tehran Trailer

This series hails from Moshe Zonder, who wrote Netflix's Fauda, as well as Dana Eden and Maor Kohn. Zonder wrote the series alongside Omri Shenhar (Magpie). It was created for Isreal's Kan 11 public TV channel, where it premiered in late June. AppleTV+ swooped in just before the premiere and purchased the international rights to the series; it will serve as the exclusive streaming home of the show around the world. Daniel Syrkin (Mossad 101, Douze Points, The Gordin Cell) directed every episode of season one.

I'm not familiar with lead actress Niv Sultan (who looks like she could be Alicia Vikander's sister), but I definitely recognize actors Shaun Toub and Navid Negahban. Toub has been in tons of stuff that you may have seen: the 1996 one-two punch of Broken Arrow and Executive Decision, Snowpiercer, Seinfeld, The Kite Runner, and many more. But he's arguably most famous for playing Yinsen, the guy who helps Tony Stark in the cave in the original Iron Man. Negahban has been acting for twenty years, popping up on shows like The Shield, Lost, Alias, 24, and sharing the screen with Toub in both Homeland and Charlie Wilson's War.

As for the show itself, it looks like a propulsive thriller that should appeal to fans of Homeland and 24. Having read a little about the series beyond its official synopsis, there also seems to be a bit more going on than meets the eye, both in this trailer and in the description itself. So if this appears to be a bit too familiar for your tastes, the show may end up surprising you.

Here's the aforementioned synopsis:

Tamar is a Mossad hacker-agent who infiltrates Tehran under a false identity to help destroy Iran's nuclear reactor. But when her mission fails and she's trapped in a new life, Tamar must plan an operation that will place everyone dear to her in jeopardy.

Tehran will debut its first three episodes on Apple TV+ on September 25, 2020, and new episodes will come out on Fridays for the rest of the season.