Cool Stuff: Diamond Select's 'The Iron Giant' Action Figure And Sculpture Are Both Superman

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It's been over 20 years since The Iron Giant blasted onto the big screen, delivering one of the last great 2D animated movies. The film from director Brad Bird has a classic sci-fi feel with touches of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, and it's been much more appreciated in the years since it was released than when it was in theaters. That means there have been some outstanding collectibles released paying tribute to the robot from space who made the choice to be Superman instead of a mindless weapon. The latest come from Diamond Select Toys, who have created both an articulated action figure and a detailed diorama sculpture.

Diamond Select Toys The Iron Giant Action Figure

First up, Diamond Select has an action figure of The Iron Giant that is infinitely more affordable than the one that Mondo released a few years ago. Stand around 9-inches tall, the figurecomes with fewer accessories, but the two included make it good enough for your shelf.

The Iron Giant action figure comes with a little Hogarth Hughes that can be perched on the robot's shoulder, as well as a metal "S" that can be attached to his chest, turning him into Superman. And did we mention his eyes light up too? With poseable arms and legs, you can turn him into the hero he was destined to be, and it'll only cost you about $30.

Diamond Select Toys The Iron Giant PVC Diorama

The Iron Giant Action Figure and Sculpture

On the more collectible side of Diamond Select's offerings, we have The Iron Giant PVC diorama sculpture. Complete with a base inspired by Dean's junkyard that the robot hides out in, The Iron Giant stands proudly with his foot propped up on a smashed car and his hands firmly on his hips. The "S" logo isn't removable, but why would you want to take it off when it makes him look so heroic?

The Iron Giant PVC diorama will cost you a little more than the action figure with a pricetag of around $47 plus shipping. But it stands an inch taller and is a little more detailed than the action figure, so if you're looking for something that's a bit more of a true collectible, this might be the piece for you.