Cool Stuff: New 'Star Wars' Vintage Collection Playset Helps Bring Darth Vader's Badass 'Rogue One' Moment To Life

Hasbro announced an awesome new playset in the Star Wars Vintage Collection that brings the first interior location we ever see in the saga to your shelf. The hallway of the Tantive IV that Darth Vader infiltrates with his Stormtroopers is being released as a playset scaled to the 3.75-inch Vintage Collection figures, and it even comes with a Rebel Fleet Trooper for Darth Vader to choke the hell out of. Speaking of which, there's a new Rogue One-inspired version of Darth Vader you can get to go with it too.

Star Wars Vintage Collection Tantive IV Playset

Star Wars Vintage Collection Tantive IV Playset

The Star Wars Vintage Collection Tantive IV playset includes one hallway from the interior of the ship along with two different doors. This is where Star Wars began back in 1977, and now you can recreate the opening scene from A New Hope, though you'll need a lot more Rebel Fleet Troopers in addition to the one that comes with the playset.

Star Wars Vintage Collection Tantive IV Playset

The coolest thing about this playset is that you can purchase several of them to build a larger playset with multiple hallways to more accurately recreate the interiors of the Tantive IV.

You can pick up the playset at Hasbro Pulse for $49.99, and it's expected to ship in February 2021.

Rogue One Darth Vader Vintage Collection Figure

On top of recreating the opening scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, you can also recreate one of Darth Vader's most badass moments in the entire saga where he takes down a bunch of Rebel Fleet Troopers by using his lightsaber and the Force. The scene unfolds in Rogue One, and it succeeds in showing the true strength of Darth Vader, better even than any scene in the original trilogy.

This figure comes with hands that replicate the Force attacks that Darth Vader uses in the scene, but they still allow him to easily grip the lightsaber.

You can pre-order the Rogue One Darth Vader figure for $12.99 at Hasbro Pulse, and in ships in January 2021.