Cool Stuff: New 'Empire Strikes Back' Bespin Duel LEGO Set And 'Star Wars' Celebration Funko POP Exclusives

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a little hard this year since it's not exactly the safest time to head back to movie theaters as they start to reopen this month and into September. That's especially difficult with Star Wars Celebration 2020 canceled this year. But the good news is that some of the exclusives that were intended for release at the sci-fi saga's convention will still be available for fans to get their hands on.

A new batch of Star Wars Funko POPs will be released later this month that bring Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art designs of some of the movie's characters to life. Plus, there's a new Funko POP movie scene from The Empire Strikes Back, as well as a LEGO set inspired by the iconic lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on Cloud City where the saga's biggest revelation was made back in 1980.

Star Wars Celebration 2020 Funko POPs

First up, here are the new Star Wars Funko POPs from the Concept Series of vinyl collectible figures based on Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art. There's Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett and Chewbacca. These were meant to be exclusives at Star Wars Celebration, but they're also shared retail exclusives for the latest Funko Virtual Con. Chewbacca and Boba Fett will be at the Funko Shop, Darth Vader will be at GameStop, and Luke Skywalker will be at FYE.

The Empire Strikes Back Funko POP Exclusives

The next Funko Virtual Con for Star Wars Celebration will also include these new Funko POPs created for The Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary.

There's a movie scene featuring Yoda lifting Luke Skywalker's X-wing out of the swamps of Dagobah. For all you fans of the Galactic Empire, there's also a new 10-inch super-size Funko POP of a standard Stormtrooper. The movie scene will be available through Amazon while the Stormtrooper will be at Target.

You'll have to stay tuned to the Funko blog to find out exactly when they'll be on sale.

Speaking of Target, they'll exclusively have another piece of merchandise for the Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary.

The Empire Strikes Back Bespin Duel LEGO Set

Exclusively available on started on August 27, the LEGO Star Wars Bespin Duel brings to life the lightsaber battle where Luke Skywalker is not only bested by Darth Vader, but he learns that the masked villain is actually is father.

This is designed to be part of the sleek new adult collector line of LEGO sets, complete with a display base that will make it stand out on your collectible shelf. It will cost $39.99, and you can find out more about the creation of the set at