You Can Now Rent Out A Cinemark Theater For A Private Watch Party

If you're itching to return to movie theaters but understandably nervous about sharing space with strangers right now, Cinemark wants to help. The theater chain is launching something called a Private Watch Party, in which patrons can rent out a participating Cinemark Theatre for around $99-$175 plus applicable taxes & online fees. Moviegoers can choose from previously released films or a few new titles, too.

Last week, we wrote about a new option to rent out an Alamo Drafthouse for a theater-going experience for you and a few of your friends. Now, Cinemark is getting in on that action, and the Cinemark deal seems slightly better. For one thing, the Cinemark deal costs less – you have to spend a minimum of about $300 bucks at Alamo, while the Cinemark option doesn't run as high. For another, Cinemark is also offering new movies, while Alamo seems to only be offering previously-released titles.

Of course, as of now, those new movies seem to only be the Russell Crowe thriller Unhinged and something called Words on Bathroom WallsTenet and New Mutants aren't options at the moment, unfortunately. As for the previously released films, you can pick from Jurassic ParkInceptionSonic the HedgehogBloodshotThe Empire Strikes Back, and Jumanji: The Next Level.

Cinemark theaters are also more abundant than Alamo Drafthouses, so that's another plus in the Cinemark column.

The Private Watch Party allows you to host a screening for up to 20 guests. Availability varies by capacity, and additional attendee price varies by movie selection – $5 per person for previously released films, $10 for new titles. Here are some more details:

Private Watch Party offering is only available for a limited time at participating theatres. For private use only. Seats and tickets not for resale. No tax exemption or credits applicable. All pricing subject to change. No substitutions or rainchecks. Movie selection is subject to change and may vary by theatre.? Price does not include tax or applicable online fees. Offer includes auditorium rental for one selected film only.

And yes, you need to wear a mask, although masks can "be removed when eating and drinking inside the auditorium." Not every Cinemark is reopening, of course, so you'll need to check a list of participating theaters first.