'On The Rocks' Trailer: Sofia Coppola And Bill Murray Reunite For Apple TV+ Father-Daughter Dramedy

It's been 17 years since Bill Murray whispered in Scarlett Johansson's ear, but the power of a Sofia Coppola-Bill Murray collaboration has not diminished. The Lost in Translation filmmaker and her star briefly reunited for the Netflix holiday special A Very Murray Christmas, but the upcoming Apple TV+ original film On the Rocks marks their first feature film in nearly two decades. And with A24 backing the film and Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans making up the supporting cast, it looks like it could be smooth sailing for On the Rocks, which premieres this fall.

Apple TV+ has released the first official On the Rocks trailer, which you can watch below.

On the Rocks Trailer

Murray got to prove his dramatic chops with his first collaboration with Coppola, 2003's Lost in Translation, but On the Rocks taps back into the actor's comedy roots, as well as his own reputation as one of the most whimsical celebrities out there. As Murray zips through New York in a flashy old car with his character's daughter (Jones), it brings to mind all those urban legends of Murray crashing bachelor parties or Murray becoming an impromptu bartender.

On the Rocks follows a struggling mother (Jones) who reconnects with her "larger-than-life" playboy father after she begins to suspect that her husband (Wayans) is cheating on her. Written and directed by Coppola, On the Rocks is Coppola's follow-up to the 2017 period drama The Beguiled, and a bid for the filmmaker to do something "a little bit lighter and more playful with a lot of heart and sincerity."

"Felix is an old-world gentleman used to talking over martinis," Coppola said of Murray's character in a recent interview. "The way he looks at women and relationships, he's giving advice from his perspective, which is different from how Laura's husband is, and she's trying to see it from his view. It's [juxtaposing] that perspective of the martini generation and how they look at men and women in a different way than we do."

Coppola produces On the Rocks alongside Youree Henley, Caroline Jaczko, with executive producers Fred Roos, Mitch Glazer, and Roman Coppola.

Here is the synopsis for On the Rocks:

Faced with sudden doubts about her marriage, a young New York mother and writer (Rashida Jones) teams up with her larger-than-life playboy father (Bill Murray) to tail her husband (Marlon Wayans) in a bittersweet comedy about relationships, written and directed by Sofia Coppola.

On the Rocks premieres on Apple TV+ this October and will hit theaters at a yet-announced date.