'The Duchess' Trailer: Comedian Katherine Ryan Is Just Trying To Be A Decent F**king Mom

If you haven't heard of Katherine Ryan, she's a Canadian comedian who has made waves in the United Kingdom on a variety of comedy shows, and she also has two of her own stand-up specials on Netflix. But her presence on the streaming service is about to expand in a big way with a new original comedy series of her own called The Duchess. The first trailer for the series has arrived to tease the raunchy comedy about a single mother who is just trying to take care of her nine-year old daughter while trying to have a second kid.

The Duchess Trailer

Katherine Ryan has flown under my radar until now, but her comedic sensibilities are right on par with what makes me laugh. In this series, Ryan is essentially playing a fictionalized version of herself as a single mother living in London with her daughter Olive (Katie Byrne), who she treats more like a sister than her kid.

Though Katherine has a boyfriend and things are going pretty well for them, when she decides that she wants to have a second kid, she opts to do so via a sperm donor. No specifics are given, but it's somehow the "safest way" for her to get pregnant. However, when she's turned off by her experience at the sperm donor clinic, she thinks the best route may be to have the donor be her ex-boyfriend Shepard (Rory Keenan), a former boy band star who is not only Olive's father but the bane of Katherine's existence.

Katherine Ryan is giving me some June Diane Raphael vibes, and I'm liking it. This series feels like it could have easily been on HBO if the comedian wasn't already comfortable with Netflix. And as the executive producer, writer, and star, we're ensured that this series will be very much in line with the kind of comedy she's delivered before. The raunchiness is there, and we're sure that there's probably some heart that comes along with it too.

From creator, executive producer, writer and star Katherine Ryan comes The Duchess, the comedian's debut scripted comedy series which follows the powerful and problematic choices of a fashionably disruptive single mom living in London. Her daughter, Olive, is her greatest love so she debates a second child with her greatest enemy — Olive's dad. But can two wrongs make another right?

The Duchess arrives on Netflix starting on September 11, 2020.