Cool Stuff: New 'The Office' Funko POPs Include Lazy Scranton, Michael Scarn, Jan Levinson & More

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There are already plenty of Funko POPs inspired by the beloved NBC comedy series The Office. Not only have the primary cast members been given generic regular vinyl figures, but Funko has started to dig into specific episodes to give us variations on characters, such as Meredith with her pixelated boob peeking out, Kelly in casual Friday clothing, the Florida version of Stanley, and tons of different versions of Dwight. But of course even more The Office Funko POPs are on the way.

The latest round of The Office Funko POPs include new retail exclusive versions of Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Kevin Malone, and Jim Halpert, as well as the addition of Michael's questionable lover Jan Levinson. Check them all out and find out where to get them below.

New The Office Funko POPs

New The Office Funko POPs

First up, here are some new retail exclusives that you'll only be able to find at specific stores. We've got Michael Scott's character Michael Klump at GameStop, inspired by Eddie Murphy's characters in The Nutty Professor. Then there's Michael Scarn from Threat Level Midnight at Go! Games & Toys. Meanwhile, we have Kevin Malone in his toupe and tissue box shoes from Pam & Jim's wedding. And there's the disturbing version of Dwight dressed as Meredith so he can catch Jim off guard with snowballs.

But the best exclusive here is easily the two-pack of Michael and Dwight dressed as The Scranton Boys for their rendition of "Lazy Scranton," the orientation video inspired by the SNL Digital Short "Lazy Sunday." Unfortunately, it looks like it may already be sold out at FYE, or maybe it's just not up for pre-order yet.

New The Office Funko POPs

Meanwhile, there are some other The Office Funko POPs that should be easier to find since they aren't exclusives. These include Jan Levinson holding a wine and one of her candles from Serenity by Jan, Dwight dressed as the Scranton Strangler, Michael in a strait jacket for his magic trick gone wrong and Jim holding a sign keeping track of the last time there was nonsense in the office. All of these are available for pre-order at Amazon along with The Office Mystery Mini blind bag figures.