Cool Stuff: 'The Simpsons' Is Launching Vans Apparel And Accessories This Week

There has been so much merchandise based on The Simpsons that you could probably fill an entire museum with it all. Most of it isn't anything that you want to keep forever, but this new collection of Vans apparel and accessories inspired by the animated series is quite a stylish set of clothing that you can wear for years. Check out The Simpsons Vans collection below.

The Simpsons Vans Shoes

First up, since this is Vans we're talking about, The Simpsons shoe collection is outstanding. There are slip-ons featuring a bunch of the characters from Springfield, flip-flops that look like Homer's favorite pink, sprinkled donuts, shearling-collared high tops taking a cue from Mr. Plow, and even a pair of shoes that look like real-life versions of the shoes that Bart Simpson wears. It's just a fantastic collection of footwear, and you can see even more of them at

The Simpsons Vans Clothing

Vans also has a decent line of clothing too. Above you can see some of our favorite shirts, including one inspired by the school bus driver Otto, another with the menu from Krusty Burger, another campaigning for Lisa Simpson to be president, and a t-shirt that El Barto has branded with graffiti. Again this is just a sampling of The Simpsons clothing, and you can see more at

The Simpsons Vans collection is even bigger than these shoes and shirts. There are also hats, socks, backpacks, fanny packs, and hoodies, and they'll all be on sale starting on Friday, August 7. Sign up at the official Vans website to be alerted when the collection is on sale.