Cool Stuff: Turn Your Amazon Echo Dot Into A Baby Yoda That Listens To All Your Secrets

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The Amazon Echo Dot has become increasingly popular as people have gotten more lazy about finding information themselves by putting immense pressure on their fingers to type on a keyboard. With Amazon's home assistant, you can get answers to loads of questions, check the weather, and even hear some jokes. But the devices themselves can be somewhat of an eyesore. Thankfully, if you're a Star Wars fan, there's a way you can spruce up your Echo Dot to make it look like the cute floppy-eared asset from The Mandalorian who is lovingly referred to as Baby Yoda.

Amazon Echo Dot Baby Yoda Stand

Amazon Echo Dot Baby Yoda Base

OtterBox, known for making some of the most durable cases for your mobile devices, is releasing a Baby Yoda stand for the third generation Amazon Echo Dot. The device fits squarely on the neck and between the big ears of the Force-sensitive little guy, and it'll make you feel like you're having him use The Force to help you throughout the day.

The Amazon Echo Dot Baby Yoda base is a precision-fit, non-slip base engineered for optimal audio output, so you won't lose any of the sound quality just by having it sit in a base like this.

Perhaps this is Amazon's way of making the Echo Dot seem like less of a sneaky, eavesdropping piece of technology. Because you'd never expect Baby Yoda to be recording your most intimate conversations.

The Amazon Echo Dot Baby Yoda base is available for order at Amazon for $24.95, and it ships on August 20.