"Cool" Stuff: 'Back To The Future' Joins The Chia Pet Line-Up With A Doc Brown Planter

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Though Chia Pets feel like a relic of the 1980s and 1990s, they've consistently sold hundreds of thousands of different decorative planters each and every year. More recently, Chia Pets have really started to lean into pop culture themed planters, including Groot, Predator, Dustin from Stranger Things, and even all four of the Golden Girls. Now Back to the Future is following in their footsteps with a Chia Pet modeled after Doc Brown, but it doesn't feature the likeness of Christopher Lloyd.

Back to the Future Doc Brown Chia Pet

Back to the Future Doc Brown Chia Pet

Great scott, it's a Doc Brown Chia Pet! The handmade Doc Brown decorative planter comes to life in days, with full growth in 1-2 weeks using the simple included instructions. They can be reused indefinitely, too! Back to the Future Doc Brown Chia Pet comes with a packet of Chia seeds good for 3 plantings, and can also be replanted with similar seeds like basil or alfalfa.

As you can see, the Back to the Future Doc Brown Chia Pet uses the character design from the animated series rather than the live-action movie. Presumably that's because the likeness rights to Christopher Lloyd are probably more expensive than using an animated version of the character. But not matter what the face looks like, it's that wild Chia seeded hair that you're looking forward to the most.

What we really need are more Chia Pets based on horror movies for Halloween. Give Michael Myers some wild Chia hair. Let Leatherface's Chia hair blow in the wind as he chases down victims. There's already a Chia Pet of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, so let's keep it going!