'The Goldbergs' Season 8 Will Pay Tribute To The Spoof Classic 'Airplane!' [Comic-Con 2020]

ABC's family sitcom The Goldbergs was one of many shows that had to cut their season a bit short when the coronavirus pandemic shut down production on movies and TV shows across the world. The cast and crew were unable to complete what would have been the final episode of the seventh season, and apparently that finale included a major event that has now been pushed back to the upcoming eighth season.

But that's not all The Goldbergs have to look forward to, because they'll also be taking to the skies for a little vacation, giving them the perfect opportunity to play tribute to Airplane!, the 1980 spoof comedy classic.

The Goldbergs Season 7 Finale Shifts to Season 8

Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays the family matriarch Beverly, kicked off the show's Comic-Con at Home panel by teasing a little mystery. Apparently the seventh season finale would have focused on a wedding. But Mclendon Covey and the rest of the cast on the panel, including Hayley Orrantia (Erica), Troy Gentile (Barry) and Sean Giambrone (Adam), wouldn't say anything about whose wedding it was supposed to be.

Since this was supposed to be the season finale, we're not sure if this will now happen sometime in the middle of season eight, or maybe be relegated to the finale again. We know it won't be the season premiere, because that's been reserved for one of the show's traditional tributes to 1980s cinema.

The Goldbergs Airplane! Tribute

At the beginning of season 8, the Goldbergs will be heading off on another trip. Since they've already done the National Lampoon's Vacation tribute with a road trip in season seven, this time they're leaving on a jet plane.

This isn't the first time we've seen at least some of the Goldbergs on a plane. Barry and his girlfriend Lainey (AJ Michalka) found themselves on the same plane where Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) professed his love to Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) in an episode that crossed over with the 1980s-set romantic comedy The Wedding Singer.

As for where the Goldbergs are going on this trip, that remains to be revealed. But McLendon-Covey compared it to the "Dinner with the Goldbergs" episode where it all takes place in this single space. Executive producer Doug Robinson added, "The only thing crazier than having dinner with the Goldbergs, is taking a plane ride with the Goldbergs."

In this instance, the antics will be on a plane, but we're betting that it won't be like the Wedding Singer references – they probably won't be in the world of Airplane! and interacting with some of the characters. However, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the cast members, like Robert Hayes, Julie Hagerty, or maybe even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, made cameo appearances. It's just a shame Leslie Nielsen isn't around to get in on the fun. Surely, he would have loved that.

What Else to Expect from The Goldbergs Season 8

Doug Robinson provided some hints of where we might see the various characters in the future.

For Beverly Goldberg, she'll be doing some thinking about her place in the world now that the kids are really starting to grow up and needing her in their lives a lot less. Since she's a Mama Bear who has invaded every part of their lives for years, that's going to be a big adjustment in her life. Meanwhile, Murray (Jeff Garlin, who wasn't present during the panel) has a new business partner that will create many complications for him.

Sam Lerner has taken a bigger role on The Goldbergs now that Jeff has started to date Erica. But their relationship has seen him getting bossed around a lot. This season, he'll be standing up to her a bit, just as he did with his parents, and maybe Erica won't get her way all the time. Barry will also be growing up a little bit, but he's still very much himself throughout the season.

Meanwhile, Adam will see quite the adjustment. Now that he's dating the popular girl in school, he'll see a dramatic shift in his life where he's suddenly popular too. That'll be a big change for a kid who's very much been a socially awkward nerd his whole life. How's he going to balance this new life with his old life, including his old friends who haven't climbed the social ladder with him?

The Goldbergs season 8 is scheduled to begin production in August, but there's no premiere date for the new season yet.