'Archer' Season 11 Brings In Jamie Lee Curtis And Simon Pegg As Guest Stars [Comic-Con 2020]

For the past three seasons of the FXX animated comedy series Archer, the dashing dolt and lead character Sterling Archer has been in a coma. That allowed the show to change up its style, shifting from a slick spy comedy to completely imagined adventures taking place in Archer's subconscious, inspired by film noir, pulpy Pacific island stories, and science fiction movies.

But as explained in the Archer Comic-Con panel 2020, the show is returning to its spy roots after Sterling Archer woke up in the season 10 finale. Plus, a couple of cool guest stars for the new season were revealed. Get the highlights from the panel below, or watch the whole thing if you're interested.

Archer Comic-Con Panel 2020 Highlights

Voice actors Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates joined executive producer Casey Willis on this year's panel – no H. Jon Benjamin or Jessica Walter? Bummer – to hang out and reminisce about making the show and talk a little about the upcoming season. (But appropriately, there was tons of talk about alcohol.) Here's the new trailer:

The cast recorded the last two episodes during quarantine, which Chris Parnell found incredibly different than his normal workflow. "I went into the studio and they had these safety protocols, and I didn't touch anybody, because usually I touch a lot of people when I go into the session," he joked. "I didn't do that this time."

As for returning to the show's spy setting, Amber Nash was happy to get back to that world. "I loved reading the scripts, and it was so funny. I loved being in space and I loved being on the island. It was super fun. but there was something really exciting about getting back to the real world with everybody. It felt like going home."

Later, Casey Willis promised there would be some "cool guest stars" on the new season. "I can't talk about all of them, but one that I can reveal is – we're very excited – Simon Pegg is going to be in the season...the other person I want to talk about, a recurring guest star, I might add, came to us via Miss Judy Greer. It's Jamie Lee Curtis."

While no one would reveal anything about Curtis's character, Greer explained how she managed to get her Halloween co-star on board. "When we first showed up to do rehearsals [for Halloween] in Charleston, where we shot the movie, I introduced myself to her and she went right in for Archer," she said. "So much so, that I think that's maybe why I got the job, because she was an executive producer on the movie...She and her son really bond over Archer. They watched it all the time. It's his favorite show and she loves it, it's one of her favorite shows...Anyway, I was like, 'Jamie, I one hundred percent could get you on the show,' and she's like, 'Oh, really? Do you think?' I'm like, 'Yeah!'"

"I'm always really surprised when reputable people like our show," Nash deadpanned.

The rest of the panel was largely of real news and instead full of goofy banter and jokes among the cast members, who at one point suggested that if the cast of Archer were to star in a James Bond movie, that film's title would either be Stinkfinger, A Liter of Vodka is Not Enough, or A Good Day to Sploosh.

But there was one final piece of news remaining. Archer season 11 was originally set to premiere on May 6, but was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. But at the end of the panel, Willis revealed that the season will premiere on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 10:00 P.M. on FXX, and will then be available the next day on FX on Hulu.