'The Bay Of Silence' Trailer: Sooner Or Later, Everyone Has Something To Hide

Very attractive people Claes Bang (Dracula) and Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) play a very attractive couple suddenly spiraling down into a Hitchcockian nightmare in The Bay of Silence. After this seemingly happy couple have a baby, things get bleak as Kurylenko's character begins insisting she gave birth to twins while Bang swears she only had one child. Just what's going on here? Watch The Bay of Silence trailer below to see.

The Bay of Silence Trailer

In The Bay of Silence, "When Will (Claes Bang) discovers his wife Rosalind (Olga Kurylenko) and their three children have suddenly disappeared, he sets off on a frantic search across Europe. He finally locates them in a remote village in northern France, but relief turns to horror when Will discovers his baby son has mysteriously died. Will sets out to discover the truth about his wife's disappearance and the death of his son, finding himself at odds with Rosalind's former stepfather, Milton (Brian Cox), who wants to 'protect' her for his own private reasons."

The three kids thing in the synopsis is throwing me off a bit since the trailer seems to be focusing only on one baby that vanishes. But I'm sure the trailer is trying to keep some things secret to make them extra surprising/shocking. And hey, you can't go wrong with Brian Cox showing up and being subtly menacing. The film was directed by Paula van der Oest and written by Caroline Goodall, who also appears in the film. It's based on the novel by Lisa St. Aubin de Terán, which has the following synopsis:

Rosalind Palliser, a beautiful actress, and her husband William Walsh, a successful graphic designer, return after thirteen years to their honeymoon spot where they each, in turn, review the events of their lives together

Uh...that sounds absolutely nothing like what's going on in this trailer. But again: secrecy is obviously essential to this movie. The novel was also published in 1986, so it's taken a while for someone to bring this story to the screen – which means there are bound to be changes employed to modernize things. The Bay of Silence arrives in virtual theaters, on VOD, and digital on August 14.