'Killing Eve' Season 4 Delayed Indefinitely By COVID-19

One day, I won't have to write a non-stop stream of stories about things being delayed due to COVID-19 – but today is not that day. The latest: production on Killing Eve season 4 has been delayed indefinitely. The series shoots in Europe, and filming on the latest season was supposed to begin in August. Now, that's off the table, and no one knows when things will be able to officially start.

Deadline says that Killing Eve season 4 production has been delayed thanks to the coronavirus, because of course it has. The reasoning: the show features "a jigsaw of European location shoots, many of which have been rendered difficult at this time due to the pandemic." There are also unconfirmed rumors that star Sandra Oh is hesitant to hop on a plane to get to Europe right now, and honestly, who can blame her?

Here's an official statement from the show:

Killing Eve shoots across multiple European locations. Due to the uncertainty of the world as a result of Covid-19, no shooting schedules for Killing Eve season four have been locked in at this point and there are various scenarios in play.

Created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who served as head writer for season 1, Killing Eve stars Sandra Oh as MI5 officer Eve, who becomes obsessed with professional assassin Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, who in turn becomes obsessed with Eve. The two women are drawn to each other, and every season so far has been essentially a "will they or won't they end up together" situation. Season 3 ended with the two seemingly closer than ever while also leaving things still up in the air, as is the show's nature.

While some fans have grown frustrated with the show, I remain invested, although I freely admit there are only so many more seasons they can keep this thing going before it gets stale. That said, I'm looking forward to season 4, but if it has to be delayed, so be it. This season was supposed to arrive in 2021, but the production delay suggests it will almost certainly be pushed back and we might not see it until 2022.