Contest: Win 'Clueless' And 'Ghost' On Blu-Ray

This month, Paramount released new Blu-ray editions of two of their most famous titles: Ghost, the movie where Patrick Swayze's ghost annoys Whoopi Goldberg, and Clueless, where Alicia Silverstone falls in love with her step-brother, the immortal Paul Rudd. To celebrate these new releases, we're giving away free copies of the Ghost Blu-ray and the Clueless steelbook Blu-ray.

In Ghost, released in 1990, Patrick Swayze is Sam, "who is recently departed from the living world, but left behind in spirit form. While desperate to reconnect with the love of his life, Molly (Demi Moore), Sam discovers his death wasn't just a random robbery gone bad. To solve his own murder, he enlists the talents of a skeptical psychic (Whoopi Goldberg), who doesn't even believe her own abilities." It's the movie that made pottery sexy.

In Clueless, which is marking its 25th anniversary this year, Alicia Silverstone is Cher, a high school student "who thrives on shopping, enjoys the perfect social life, and plays matchmaker to all her friends."

These two very different movies are both from Paramount, and Paramount just put out new Blu-rays of each. Clueless arrives in a steelbook to mark the 25th anniversary, while the Ghost release is part of the new Paramount Presents Blu-ray line. And we're giving away copies of each! To win, fire off an email to with the subject line CLUELESS GHOST, and tell us what your favorite line is from either film. We'll pick a winner from there.

The Clueless Blu-ray "includes over an hour of previously released special features including a 'Clue or False' trivia game, a fashion featurette, a look at the class of '95, a 'Suck 'n Blow' tutorial, original theatrical trailers and more."

The Ghost Blu-ray "is presented in collectible packaging that includes a foldout image of the original theatrical poster, and an interior spread with key movie moments. Newly remastered from a 4K film transfer supervised by director Jerry Zucker, the Ghost Blu-ray also includes a new Filmmaker Focus with the director, as well as previously released commentary by Jerry Zucker and writer Bruce Joel Rubin, a look at the making of the film, and the featurette "Alchemy of a Love Scene."