'Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge' Concept Art Teases The Upcoming VR Experience

A couple of months ago, Lucasfilm's entertainment studio ILMxLAB announced that a new virtual reality experience called Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge was on track to come out sometime this year. The initial announcement came with just a single piece of concept art of Batuu, the planet setting for the Star Wars lands in Disney's theme parks. But over the past few days, Lucasfilm has been slowly releasing more artwork in a build-up to next Tuesday, when the first story details about the experience will be revealed to the public. Check out the latest concept art below.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge Concept Art

The sloped terrain in that landscape photo reminds me a lot of several  areas I traversed in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so I wonder if there will be any explicit connection made between the spot in that concept art and the video game's sequel, which is reportedly in development. And while I initially thought this second piece of Tales from the Galaxy's Edge concept art might be depicting the interior of the Millennium Falcon, on second glance, it appears to be a different ship entirely. ILMxLAB execs have previously promised guests will be able to make consequential choices that ripple throughout the experience, so I'm curious about the level of control we'll have in vehicles like the one pictured here.

While die-hard theme park fanatics are already visiting Galaxy's Edge in person at Walt Disney World and others are chomping at the bit to once again be let in to the version at Disneyland, it's safe to say that a lot of people don't yet feel comfortable with the idea of heading back into a theme park environment as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten everyone's lives. But this will be one way where fans can return to the Black Spire Outpost and the world of Batuu, and they can rest easy knowing they're doing it from the safety of their own homes. Stay tuned for more details next week.