Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Droids, Vehicles, Action Figures & More Coming To Target In August

The most satisfying thing about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney theme parks is how it immerses you in the universe of Star Wars. But the second most satisfying thing is all the exclusive merchandise that's available there so fans can bring a little bit of that magic home with them. For those who haven't had the time or money to make it to Galaxy's Edge, soon you'll be able to whet your appetite by getting your hands on merchandise from the attraction's Trading Outpost, including action figures, droids, vehicles, and more, all thanks to a new deal with Target. announced today that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge merchandise will be arriving at Target starting on August 30. The Trading Post collection of merch will include toys, collectibles, fashion items, books, and more, and there are a handful of items available for pre-order right now. Check them out below.

R5 Unit Funko POP

One of the R5 units you'll find at Galaxy's Edge was part of the attack on Scarif, as well as the assault on the first Death Star. Though the droid's full name isn't given, it would seem that this might be R5-K6, based on information provided on his Wookieepedia page. Now you can pick him up as a Funko POP bobblehead.

Remote Controlled Hyperdrive BB Unit

One of the most fun things you can do at Galaxy's Edge is build your own custom droid. This remote-controlled BB unit features some alternate colors from the ones we've seen in the Star Wars movies, and it also has a fast-moving hyperdrive mode. And no matter how fast you go or what direction you move, the head of the BB unit stays in place on top of the ball droid.

Captain Cardinal and DJ R-3X Black Series Figures

There are a handful of Star Wars Black Series figures from Hasbro that you can only get at Galaxy's Edge, but two of them will soon be on Target shelves.

Captain Cardinal gives fans yet another trooper to collect, looking like a red version of Captain Phasma. Cardinal is a character you'll find in the Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire book, but his first appearance was in the novelĀ Phasma. The reason their armor looks similar is that both of them received personalized armor from General Hux.

Meanwhile, the fan favorite droid DJ R-3X can be brought home so he can spin all of your favorite Star Wars tracks. If there's any figure that should have come with some kind of audio component to make sounds, this would have been it, but he'll just have to sit quietly next to all your other droids.

Resistance I-TS Transport

This LEGO set inspired by the Galaxy's Edge attraction Rise of the Resistance is something that we've seen before. It's coming along with a whole bunch of other new LEGO sets from across The Skywalker Saga. What's great about this set is that it includes minifigures for Vi Moradi, Lieutenant Bek, as well as a couple droids, including the GNK Power Droid. This one isn't a Target exclusive, because you can also grab it from The LEGO Shop.

Smuggler's Run Millennium Falcon (Vintage Collection)

Finally, the biggest collectible to come out of this new bunch is a Galaxy's Edge version of the Millennium Falcon scaled to the 3.75-inch figures in the Vintage Collection. This vehicle playset allows you to swap out the radar dish between the circular one from the original trilogy and the rectangular dish from the new trilogy. It also makes sounds from both the movies and the Galaxy's Edge attraction.

As a bonus, this Millennium Falcon also comes with two Vintage Collection figures: Chewbacca and Hondo Ohnaka, both prominently featured in the Smuggler's Run ride. You'll also get six porgs to annoy Chewie, and even some of the cargo you're tasked with delivering on the ride.


All of these items are available for pre-order at right now, but some of them are already sold out. Star Wars fans and theme park goers are crazy for things like this. But you can check back on August 30 when the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Trading Post collection arrives in stores. There might be more stock that opens up online, so keep checking to see if you can get your hands on these Galaxy's Edge goods.