Watch The 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' Cast Reunite For A Charity Table Read

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and to make the celebration even more exciting for fans, the cast of the cult-favorite got together (remotely) for a table read of the screenplay and it's online right now. Director Edgar Wright and Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley also got involved, so if you're a fan of this film – and if you read this site, you probably are – you're going to want to check this out.  

Scott Pilgrim Cast Reunion

When Scott Pilgrim vs. the World hit theaters, it was a box office bomb. But over the years, Scott Pilgrim has developed a large cult following. So much so that to mark the tenth anniversary of the movie, almost the entire cast got together (via Zoom) to read through the script.

Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Mae Whitman, Jason Schwartzman, Ellen Wong, Satya Bhabha, Brandon Routh, and Mark Webber are all here, along with director Edgar Wright, screenwriter Michael Bacall, and Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley. Also, it's for a good cause. As Alison "Kim Pine" Pill says (via EW):

"We are here to support Water for People. This pandemic has laid bare the huge gaps in critical infrastructure and one of the best ways to prevent the spread of disease isn't available to over three billion people. They don't have clean water, so they can't wash their hands, they don't have sanitation solutions so diseases can spread quickly."

During the table read, creator Bryan Lee O'Malley did some drawings, and those who donate to Water for People will have a chance to win one of those drawings. So watch the video, donate if you can, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to score one. It's a win-win.