'Grease' Prequel Brings In 'Hearts Beat Loud' Director Brett Haley

Yes, that Grease prequel is still happening. And it's even found a director! Brett Haley, the filmmaker behind the charming indie flick Hearts Beat Loud, is set to direct the project, which is currently called Summer Lovin' but will probably end up being retitled Grease: Origins or something stupid like that, since studios love brand recognition.

Deadline is the word on the Grease prequel director. Brett Haley has been brought in by Paramount to helm the film which will cover the fateful meeting between Danny and Sandy before they meet again at Rydell High School. The weird thing is that the meet-cute between Danny and Sandy is already covered in Grease itself. It actually opens the movie, and then moments after that, we get the song "Summer Nights," in which Danny and Sandy tell their respective friends about how they met and smooched and had a grand old romantic time.

The big question I have: if all of this was already covered in Grease, why does it need to be covered again in an entirely separate movie? Of course, the answer is: money. And sure enough, Deadline even adds: "The studio is extremely high on this property and sources say there is a sense depending on how this film goes of the possibility of a franchise down the road."

John Travolta played Danny and Olivia Newton-John played Sandy in the Grease movie, but of course, younger actors will have to be brought in to play the characters for the prequel. Unless Paramount wants to take The Irishman approach and digitally de-age them, which...I don't see happening. Because it would be kind of weird.

When word of this prequel first broke, it was reported that John August (Big Fish, Go) was handling the script. However, the Deadline story says that Leah McKendrick penned the screenplay and has no mention of August at all, which pretty much confirms he's no longer involved with the picture. I quite enjoyed Haley's Hearts Beat Loud – it was a sweet little dramedy. However, I've never been a fan of Grease, so I can't say I'm particularly interested in however Summer Lovin' turns out. Your mileage may vary.