'The Parent Trap' Cast Reunited For The First Time In 22 Years, Including Lindsey Lohan

It's been 22 years since director Nancy Meyers remade the classic Disney movie The Parent Trap. The cast of the beloved 1998 comedy hasn't gotten back together since the movie premiered, but since everyone has plenty of spare time in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, reporter Katie Couric was able to get all of the main cast members back together for a little virtual reunion.

Lindsey Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Elaine Hendrix, Lisa Ann Walter, and even Simon Kunz got back together with writer/producer Charles Shyer and director Nancy Meyers for a nostalgic look back at the movie, including a glimpse at some of the early screen tests and a tribute to the one cast member who couldn't be with them for the reunion.

The Parent Trap Reunion

Dennis Quaid recalled meeting Lindsey Lohan for the first time when they did the screen tests for The Parent Trap, and he immediately thought she was one of the most talented actresses he had worked with. Looking back at the clips from the movie, you can't deny the authenticity and charm that Lohan brought to the role when she was just 11 years old. It makes me wish that she didn't get caught up in the darker side of fame, because she might still be working regularly today, and could have easily been one of the best actresses of her generation.

As for Simon Kunz, who plays the butler Martin, he was originally auditioning for a much smaller role in the movie where he would have had just one line as a photographer in the bridal shop scene. But Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer saw something in him that made them think he might be right for the role of Martin.

Nancy Meyers explained one of the unique challenges that The Parent Trap presented. With Lindsey Lohan playing both Annie and Hallie in the movie instead of having actual twins play the roles, Lohan had to act against herself on set. This meant Meyers had to choose takes for her to play off of on the spot. Normally that's something you get to play around with in the editing room, but in this case, there's not a lot of wiggle room since they needed Lohan's reactions timed to a specific take. Considering that this was done so seamlessly in 1998, it's a rather impressive technical achievement, especially when you remember this was the first movie that Nancy Meyers directed.

Unfortunately, the reunion is missing one key part of the cast. Natasha Richardson, who plays the mother of the twin girls, passed away in 2009. But the cast remembers her fondly and recalls what a joy it was to work with her all those years ago.

Watch the whole reunion above to see Lindsey Lohan and Dennis Quaid doing some line readings and learn some more tidbits about the making of this favorite from the late 1990s.