Tom Hanks And Bill Nye Are Annoyed By People Who Aren't Wearing Masks In Public

Everyone, please wear a mask when you go out into the world. I know it's inconvenient. I know you'd rather not. But it's just common sense. And more than that, it's necessary. But you don't have to take my word for it. Instead, listen to America's dad, Tom Hanks. Hanks was one of the first prominent figures to catch the coronavirus, and he's fed-up with people shunning masks. And if the guy who played Sully isn't enough to convince you, maybe you'll listen to Bill Nye. He's a science guy, after all.

Even though the coronavirus continues to be a serious problem here in the United States (and elsewhere), there's a certain subset of individuals who downright refuse to wear a face mask. And their refusals can get quite ugly, to the point where if you ask them to put a mask on they completely lose their s*** and start yelling about how they can do whatever the hell they want, consequences be damned. It's a dumb, dumb stance, and I wish I could say it surprises me that some people are like this, but it doesn't. I've always had a very low opinion of my fellow human beings, and the last few years have done very little to change that opinion.

One person I do have a high opinion of, though, is Mr. Tom Hanks. Hanks, you'll recall, caught the coronavirus on the set of the upcoming Elvis movie, where the actor plays the King's manager Colonel Tom Parker. Hanks has recovered, thankfully, and he has no patience for people pushing an anti-mask agenda right now. Speaking with the Associated Press, Hanks said that wearing a mask right now is "literally the least you can do," and added:

"If anybody wants to build up an argument about doing the least they can do, I wouldn't trust them with a driver's license. I mean, when you drive a car, you've got to obey speed limits, you've got to use your turn signals [indicators], you've got to avoid hitting pedestrians. If you can't do those three things, you shouldn't be driving a car. If you can't wear a mask and wash your hands and social distance, I've got no respect for you, man. I don't buy your argument."

The lesson here: if you want to be respected by Tom Hanks, wear a damn mask. And just in case you need another respected figure to tell you to cover you face, here's Bill Nye:

As Nye says:

"The reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure, but the main reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect me from you and the particles from your respiratory system into getting into my respiratory system. Everybody, this is a matter of literally life and death, and when I use the word 'literally,' I mean 'literally' of life and death. So when you're out in public, please, wear a mask."