'Man & Witch': Sean Astin, Christopher Lloyd, And The 'NeverEnding Story' Queen Unite For A New Fantasy Film

A new fantasy film is in the works which aims to be a "heartwarming homage to the lo-fi fantasy films of the '80s," and it's set to unite three actors who are widely known for starring in iconic 1980s movies. Tami Stronach, who played the Childlike Empress in 1984's The NeverEnding Story, will co-star in this new movie opposite Sean Astin (1985's The Goonies) and Christopher Lloyd (the Back to the Future trilogy).

In addition to that unlikely trio of actors, this film will also round out the '80s homage by calling upon the Jim Henson Creature Shop to design practical puppets for a few of the movie's characters. Get the details below.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about Man & Witch, the new children's fantasy movie which Stronach, who appeared in The NeverEnding Story as the Childlike Empress/Moon Child, will star in and executive produce. Her husband, actor Greg Steinbruner, is making his screenwriting debut with this screenplay. Rob Margolies, who directed the Josh Gad movie She Wants Me and the Tony Todd-starring Immortal, will direct.

Despite the fact that you've likely never heard of the people behind the camera for this movie, I suspect the familiar faces in the cast will draw people in. Joining Stronach, Astin, and Lloyd will be the great Rhea Perlman (Cheers) and Michael Emerson (Lost), both of whom are Emmy winners. (Lloyd also won multiple Emmys for his work on Taxi.)

The producers say the film is a "comic adventure that both fulfills and subverts the expectations of what a fantasy universe can be." Stronach is set to play "a reclusive yet powerful and mysterious witch who loses her heart to a hapless goatherd when he hires her to break a curse by an evil wizard." The Jim Henson Creature Shop will create the puppets for the film's talking sheep, goose, and dog – although, unlike in movies like The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth, which relied solely on puppets for some of its characters, Man & Witch will depict those characters using a combination of practical puppetry and actual animals on the set.

Production is expected to begin sometime in late fall in the New York tri-state area.

We interviewed Stomach back in 2016, so check that out here if you missed it. And naturally, I can't resist dropping this mega-earworm at the end of this article to alternately enlighten and ruin your day.