'Wizards', The Final Entry Of Guillermo Del Toro's 'Tales Of Arcadia' Trilogy, Arrives On Netflix In August

Tales of Arcadia, the animated trilogy from Guillermo del Toro, is coming to an end with Wizards. The third and final entry in the Netflix TV series has locked down an August premiere date, and announced new cast members to boot. Following Trollhunters and 3BelowWizards brings back familiar characters and introduces new ones, too.wizards poster

Above you can see the poster for Wizards, the third and final entry in the Tales of Arcadia series. In the series, "Arcadia appears to be a slice of timeless Americana, but it is no ordinary town. It lies at the center of magical and mystical lines that will make it a nexus for many battles among otherworldly creatures including trolls, aliens, and wizards."

Wizards "brings together the three disparate worlds of trolls, aliens and wizards. In the newest installment, wizard-in-training Douxie (Colin O'Donoghue) and the heroes of Arcadia embark on a time-bending adventure to medieval Camelot that leads to an apocalyptic battle for the control of magic that will determine the fate of these supernatural worlds that have now converged."

Returning actors/characters include Colin O'Donoghue as Merlin's apprentice Douxie; Emile Hirsch as Jim; Lexi Medrano as Claire; Charlie Saxton as Toby; Steven Yeun as Steve; David Bradley as Merlin; Lena Headey as Morgana; Fred Tatasciore as Aaarrrgghh!!!; Clancy Brown as Gunmar, Diego Luna as Krel; Mark Hamill as Dictatious; and Kelsey Grammer as Blinky.

New cast members include Alfred Molina as Douxie's shape-shifting familiar Archie, Stephanie Beatriz as troublemaker troll Callista, James Faulkner as legendary ruler of Camelot King Arthur, and John Rhys Davies as Galahad.

Weirdly enough, the inspiration behind Tales of Arcadia wasn't other animated family shows, but shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire. "This is not what I watched as a kid. I was inspired by what I watched as a kid, but I wanted to do something different," the Academy Award-winning filmmaker said in a past interview. "That was a bereavement for me. Tony Soprano, he was like someone you knew. I wanted to do that in the children's format...[a show] not afraid to go places that are difficult...to really dark areas."

Wizards hits Netflix on August 7.