Amazon Prime Video Adding Individual Profiles With Separate Watchlists And Personalized Recommendations

Amazon Prime Video has a lot of problems with their user interface when it comes to easily accessing all the movies and TV shows available on the streaming service. But one of its biggest issues is finally being rectified.

Starting today, Amazon Prime Video is making individual user profiles available, making it possible for multiple people in the same household with a single Amazon Prime account to have their own watchlists, personalized programming recommendations, and the ability to sustain their own viewing progress, just as Netflix and Hulu have had for years.

Amazon Prime Video profiles became available today for all customers, who now have the ability to create six profiles on a single account. One of them will be the primary profile associated with the Amazon Prime account, while the other five are additional profiles that can be programmed for adults or kids.

Initially, Amazon Prime Video profiles will be available on iOS, Android, Fire tablet (Gen 10 and higher), the Fire TV Prime Video app, and the Prime Video apps built for other living room devices, such as the PlayStation 4. If it's not active on your devices today, it should be available to everyone within a few days, and it will gradually be rolling out to other devices in the future. Since it's rolling out in phases, you might not have it immediately available today, so just keep checking your respective devices for the update.

If you have wallet-sharing set up in your Amazon Household settings, a profile will be set up for each of those users automatically, so they'll be able to purchase and rent content, in addition to watching all of the available Prime Video titles, Prime Video Channels, and Live content. Any adult profile will have access to all that content.

As for the Kids profiles, they will only have age-appropriate content for 12-year old kids and younger. Those profiles won't be able to make purchases. And just in case you're worried that kids will simply use the adult profiles to access inappropriate content or make purchases you didn't approve, users will be able to create a PIN code that must be entered in order to follow through to the adult profiles and make purchases. (Sorry, kids, you'll have to find your nudity everywhere else on the internet.)

However, the one shortcoming of the Kids profile is that the Prime Video app on mobile decides will allow a child to access the adult profile's downloads. That's only because when a device is offline, it's impossible to profile switch, so access to the downloads is available on the app. So maybe don't keep Boogie Nights or Eyes Wide Shut on your mobile devices if prying eyes are around.

There's one weird thing about the Amazon Prime Video profiles addition, at least if you don't want individual profiles for some reason. If you turn off the feature from the "manage your profiles" page, you apparently will not be able to turn it back on. We're not sure why that's the case, so be certain that you never, ever want personal profiles on Amazon Prime Video before you turn it off.

If you have anymore questions about Amazon Prime Video profiles, head over here.