'A Goofy Movie' Honest Trailer: Finally, A Disney Movie Where The Parents Don't Die

It's the 25h anniversary of A Goofy Movie this year, and we already celebrated earlier this year with an oral history of the original song "I2I" by the one and only Powerline. But since it's blockbuster summer, albeit without any summer blockbusters in theaters, the folks behind Honest Trailers wanted to show their love for the delightful animated hit from 1995 by poking fun at it a little bit. So watch the A Goofy Movie Honest Trailer and get ready for plenty of hyuck-ing around.

A Goofy Movie Honest Trailer

Disney has a habit of killing parents off in their movies, but in A Goofy Movie, it's a miracle that Goofy doesn't die with how terrible of a driver he is throughout this trip. That's more embarrassing than anything else he does that keeps pushing Max away from him. And can we talk about how embarrassing it is that Max is over the moon for a girl that hasn't even talked to him? I guess that's how it works when you're a teen in the 1990s.

Before we go, can we talk about how weird it is that Goofy exists in a world where there are fish and birds who don't talk, but civilization is ruled by dogs and cats who behave like humans. Considering one of Goofy's friends is also Donald Duck, it's scary to think about what the hierarchy among living creatures is in the animated world of Disney.