'Expecting Amy' Trailer: Amy Schumer Shares Her Pregnancy Journey In HBO Max Docuseries

Amy Schumer has been an open book about the difficulties she went through with her pregnancy, which included nausea and dehydration, complete with a trip to the emergency room — all while she was preparing for her Netflix comedy special Amy Schumer: Growing. Now the comedian is taking us even further behind the scenes with an HBO Max docuseries Expecting Amy, which takes viewers on tour with Amy as she struggles with her pregnancy while performing in 42 cities on tour. Watch the Expecting Amy trailer below.

Expecting Amy Trailer

Last year, Amy Schumer debuted her Netflix comedy special Amy Schumer: Growing, which she performed while pregnant — a topic that she joked about freely during the special. But the comedian went through more troubles than she let on, which her fans can discover in her new three-part documentary series Expecting Amy, on HBO Max. The streaming service released the first trailer for Expecting Amy, which follows Schumer as she embarks on a 42-city, 60-show comedy tour while pregnant, which caused all sorts of strain on both her body and her marriage with her husband, Chris Fischer. After the tour, Schumer would give birth to her son, Gene Fischer.

The documentary gives an intimate look at Schumer's life on and off the stage, mixing footage from her comedy routine with her personal moments at home and on the road. It's quite a roller coaster of a trailer, opening with a teary-eyed Schumer revealing her pregnancy news to the camera. "I found out two days ago that I'm pregnant," she tells the camera. "I'm just so excited."

But her excitement soon gives way to trepidation, as Schumer embarks on a comedy tour with the intention of filming a comedy special, which starts to wear on her. "A working comic, puking," she says of herself in the trailer, giving an unfiltered look at her behind-the-scenes struggles. Her comedy show starts to put a strain on her marriage too, as shown in a scene where she makes fun of a piece of pottery that her husband Fischer made her, to a live audience.

"Chris really takes care of me," Schumer explains in the documentary. "But the way of me showing affection is making fun of somebody." In a tense scnee, Fischer confronts her about the bit, and Schumer tells him "My stand-up is not more important to me than our marriage."

Expecting Amy comes to HBO Max July 9, 2020.