Cool Stuff: 'Home Alone' House And 'Seinfeld' Apartment Are Becoming Official LEGO Sets

Since everyone has been spending a lot more time at home over the past few months, LEGO has definitely seen an uptick in customers looking to spend some time playing with building bricks. If you need any evidence of that, just see how easy it is to find some of the more popular, rare LEGO sets that haven't been discontinued, but are simply sold out everywhere. Thankfully, LEGO is about to add two more exciting playsets to their line-up, and they're inspired by a beloved holiday movie and a sitcom classic.

LEGO has officially approved their latest round of custom playsets from the LEGO Ideas community, and they include the McCallister family house from Home Alone, and the apartment from Seinfeld, the comedian's beloved self-titled classic sitcom from NBC. Check out the LEGO Home Alone house and building brick version of Seinfeld's apartment below.

LEGO Home Alone House

LEGO Home Alone House

Alex Storozhuk (aka adwind) is behind the LEGO Home Alone house, which is comprised of 3,000 pieces. The house has two floors with various rooms full of furniture and little nods to the movie throughout. There's also a small treehouse situated outside with a rope that connects to the main house for Kevin McCallister's daring escape.

LEGO Home Alone House

Along with the minifigures of Kevin and Marv and Harry, aka The Wet Bandits, there's also Buzz's tarantula, air gun, and chest full of goodies, including a picture of his girlfriend (woof!). Kevin has some toy cars and a sled he can use to slide down the stairs. There's a bunch of rubbish like ice cream and cheese pizza for him to eat, paint cans for smashing Harry and Marv, and even a bronze man statue in front of the house with a falling feature.

We're not sure if all of that will be included in the final product since not everything in LEGO Ideas custom creations actually comes to fruition, but either way, this set look amazing.

LEGO Seinfeld Apartment

Following the LEGO playsets commemorating the sets of The Big Bang Theory and Friends, another hit comedy sitcom is coming in the form of Seinfeld's apartment, thanks to Brent Waller (aka BrentWaller). The set comes with Jerry, Kramer, George, Elaine and even Newman, and there are plenty of nice touches around the apartment, from Kramer's portrait to the generic version of the Jaws poster on the wall.

There are so many other possibilities for LEGO sets paying tribute to sitcom sets like this. However, I will say that I wish this set came with some cameras and lights to make it feel like a TV set instead of the apartment in-world. But since LEGO sets like this are few and far between, we'll take what we can get. Having said that, we're a little bummed that the proposed Futurama and Ratatouille LEGO sets that were also in the running didn't get approved.