'Stranger Things' And 'Bill And Ted' Are Both Releasing New Comic Books

Attention, fans of comic book spin-offs: Two big pieces of pop culture entertainment are getting their own comics for your reading pleasure. Stranger Things will continue onto the printed page with Stranger Things Meets Dungeons and Dragons, while the upcoming Bill and Ted Face the Music will be releasing a prequel comic titled Bill & Ted Are Doomed.

Stranger Things Meets Dungeons and Dragons

While we wait for Stranger Things season 4, a new comic might fill that nostalgia void. Stranger Things Meets Dungeons and Dragons is a new 4-issue mini-series being co-published by Dark Horse Comics and IDW this November, written by Jody Houser and Jim Zub. You can see the cover art and more details in the tweet below.

As for what it's about, well...I don't know. There are no story details yet. Based on the title and the artwork, I'm guessing it's going to take the Stranger Things kids into the world of D&D, but anything is possible here. D&D played a major part in the first season of the show, so this makes some sense. In a blog post, Jim Zub wrote:

Jody Houser and I are co-writing this new 4-issue mini-series that shows how Dungeons & Dragons has defined and strengthened the friendships in Stranger Things. This story is filled with adventure, heart and a few supernatural surprises.

Deep-diving into research on first edition D&D and working on this series with our team has been so much fun. Fans of the hit Netflix series and gamers new and old will find a lot to love here. Look for more details and preview art coming soon.

Bill & Ted Are Doomed

Before Bill and Ted Face the Music, they'll be Doomed. Dark Horse Comics will publish a four-issue prequel comic titled Bill and Ted Are Doomed, from writer Evan Dorkin, Bill and Ted screenwriter Ed Solomon, and artist Roger Langridge. I'd argue that the "prequel" to Bill and Ted Face the Music already exists. In fact, two prequels exist – the movies Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. But I suppose this series will tie more directly into the events immediately preceding Face the Music. 

Here's a synopsis:

"There's tension in the band and worry at home. Bill and Ted's obsession with writing the one song to bring peace to the world is affecting both their playing and their relationships with their families The band is losing fans and the future isn't shaping up as they were led to believe it would. Desperate for a solution, Bill and Ted burst in to announce their great idea to revive the band's fortunes: A world tour to spread the love – and the rock, and the love of the rock – to the world."

You can see the cover art below.